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“What you think about, comes about.”

That gem of advice was given to me by my wonderful father during one of our sporadic father-son talks. He said he’d heard it somewhere when he was younger and it struck a cord with him, so he applied it to his own life.

I’m going to give an illustration and then explain what I mean.

Imagine you have a rubber band wrapped around both your hands, palms flat against one another. What happens if you pull the right hand away from the left hand but try to keep the left hand stationary? (It may be helpful to actually get a rubber band and attempt this.)

After a relatively short distance it becomes more difficult to pull the right hand to the side. However, if you persist, your left hand eventually will begin moving towards your right hand.

Now, what does that mean? Play with this idea and see what it brings for you. (The concept of playing is important. Life is intended to be fun in my perspective. When you are “playing” with a new concept or idea your subconscious allows more leeway because after all, “You’re just playing.”)

Let’s call your right hand your “vision” and your left hand your “reality”. Now if all you envision is your reality than guess what, nothing happens. (Your hands don’t move.)

However, if you change your vision to something you want (Pull the right hand away from the left hand.) and persist with that vision (Continue pulling even though nothing is happening yet.) eventually your “reality” is going to move towards your “vision”. (Your left hand will move towards your right hand.)

What you are doing with negative visualization is you are pulling your reality towards that negative. The mentality is, “I have a small penis, I’ve always had a small penis, and nothing I ever do will change that.” So guess what? You make it true! (Not going to provide the research behind this theory because it would make my post even longer but please trust when I say there is solid logic and research backing this up. Besides, we’re just “playing” with the idea for the moment.)

“What you think about, comes about.”

So how do you move from a negative vision to a positive one? Easy, replace it on a moment-to-moment basis.

Instead of telling yourself the negative, I have a small penis, crap take a moment to imagine what would look like a big penis to you. (Find a picture online. Find an object in real life that could be representative of it.)

Imagine yourself with that penis or with your penis the size of that object. Every time you hear yourself say, “I have a small penis.” or make some kind of joke or even just a thought or worry about having a small penis, stop for 5 seconds and imagine the bigger penis you want. (It’s important to imagine yourself as already having it.)

You’ll feel weird doing this. It is not easy. Your ‘logic’ side will say, “But I don’t have that!” Please, keep with it. (This is the stretching of the rubber band. It can be uncomfortable.)

The most difficult part about this is being aware of the negative vision popping up and immediately replacing it with the positive one. Eventually, it becomes second nature. At first, it’s very difficult.

Will this change your life and get you the big penis you’ve always wanted? I don’t know. However, I’ll hazard an educated guess that it will.

“What you think about, comes about.”

Works for me.

Darklin Sithas

Darklin Sithas

Re: A reality check board

Originally posted by phat9
With the large membership now of this board, pushing 7,000, and soon to be
over 10,000 (great!), ….

(just trivia, but only 1200 members have posted, and only 1000 have posted more than one post. Still remarkable numbers in my book though)

….discombobulating ….. (had to look this one up in the dictionary ;) )

I am afraid this is becoming a “gainers only club.” I could say more but I won't.

(perhaps more should be said. I have seen some guys boast some pretty wicked gains over the last year or so, not all genuine I dare say, and this forum is about more then just gaining - follow it up.)

…or just change routines (what I call the flawed “magic bullet theory).”

(advice I often give - If some guy doesn't see gains jelging, then why not try hanging? Or vice versa? If plain jelging doesn't work, how about good Ulis? Christ, I'd try several different methods (and I have) before throwing in the towel.)

Nothing wrong with calling the kettle black. If things must be said, say them.


Darklin Sithas

your point is valid, yes we should try and visulise positive images, ( i don’t want to shoot you down, i appreciate your positivity and I will try to keep my “whining” in house) however what happens when reality collides with your positivity? I know from experience that it is hard to get up time and again, each time is harder and longer. I think pe can be about re-inforcing these positive images and i hope in the long run it will help.



Did you ever get any more gains?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

If you keep knocking your own dick, sooner or later the girls in your life will start to believe it. Stop trying to convince them you have a small dick just so it fits into your own warped self-image of your size. Yeah, it feels good to be right and to have people agree with you, but not about THAT.

Besides it not even being true, the worst that could happen is your low self opinion of your penis will stay with you even if you grow your pecker into a monster. You will always be known as the guy with the small dick because you yourself have shouted it on the mountain.

I had a friend who did the same thing… always knocking himself about his size. After a while, everybody kind of just “knew” that about him….he was a “small” guy. Do you want that? Being upset or dissatisfied about your penis size is the LAST thing you want fish for reassurance for. It will only bite you in the ass later on. Girls talk, and if you keep pounding it into their heads that you’re small, then by golly, you’ll end up being RIGHT.

Just keep on PEing and stop insulting yourself.

It\'s all about me.


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