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Disgusting GAINS!!!

>How do they deal with IR light? Is it maybe better to wear some kind of sunglasses when heating your bulge?

We’d have a whole lot of blind fast food workers if heat lamps were bad for the eyes. You’re probably thinking of UV light.

Guys this is a really simple one, okay? I was an electrician for 25 years and still do little projects all the time. This just isn’t that complicated or “dangerous”, if you will. But I can understand the worry. Relax. It’s basically the same as a regular light bulb, except the red coating is “tuned” to a wavelength that makes more of the favorable “heat” rays and less of the undesired “visible” rays (for heating purposes). Ask an electrical engineer or a physicist, they will tell you. Now if we were talking about nuclear radiation or microwaves, then yes that’s a big danger as we all know. I think some are confusing the two as if they “equate” to one another, and well “long story short” they don’t in this case. They are “two totally different animals”, so to speak. Infrared simply doesn’t have the same qualities as things like nuclear radiation and microwaves do… the ability to “cook you from the inside out.” :)

These infrared bulbs are no more dangerous than it would be sitting in the sunlight and doing your stretches that way. It’s simply taking advantage of a form of heat that mother nature has provided for us. Hey, if it works, use it. Easy and simple things like this don’t come around just “every old day of the week”, so heck let’s use it. The IR bulb can actually be better because it can generate more heat per square foot than the sun does. We have the ability to move it closer to us, or farther away from us, and that is exactly how I would “control” the temperature. I just went and bought my setup yesterday.

Hobby is right. Ever been to a cafeteria, buffet, or a fast food joint that has food sitting under funny looking red lights and wondered “what’s that all about?” These are exactly the same bulbs. It’s just heat, keeping the food warm. These have been used for decades with no problems. There are no “monsters” here… no “evil rays” or space aliens or anything. Okay? :)

All we need here is good old everyday common sense. If you touch that bulb with your finger while it’s hot, you will get a burn, just like you would if you touched a “regular” light bulb, or touched the hot burner on a stove. (Most of us don’t go around doing that on a regular basis, do we? :) ) If it gets too hot for you, move the distance back a bit. So unless you suddenly smell “funny cooking smells” and your pubic hair starts smoking and smoldering, don’t worry about it! Move the distance back a little.

One thing that I would say: don’t fool around with that crummy little plastic socket, in your chosen light fixture. Go get something with a good porcelain (ceramic) socket in it. The hard white porcelain. These higher wattage bulbs generate more heat than smaller bulbs do. The modern thermoplastics in plastic sockets are good, but not that good. And herein lies the problem.

A guy will use his little plastic socket for a while, and it will work just fine. He looks at the plastic, and it seems just fine. So he uses it a few more hours. The plastic looks a little less glossy, now, he squeezes and tugs on it to make sure. It still seems fine, just a little less glossy now, so he keeps using it some more. It isn’t glossy anymore but it still sems fine so he keeps at it. Pretty soon he has 100 hours on it and no complaints. He gets overconfident and starts forgetting to check it. After all, it’s been working great so far, right? Pretty soon he doesn’t check it at all, having possibly hundreds of hours of use on it with no problems.

Then one day, as he is walking back into the room from his quick two-minute “bathroom visit”, or answering the doorbell, the bulb is sitting on the carpet burning it up. Or it’s burning the plastic lampshade, fallen off onto the desk, or whatever. The plastic fianlly failed, so the socket “falls out of the fixture” onto whatever might be near it. If it has already created flames, then the guy might burn his house down or part of a room at last, unless he has a fire extinguisher or is “thinking quick” to put it out.

If he burned his house up, he usually doesn’t want to take responsibility for it. So he starts squawking “it’s the electricians fault!” “It’s the contractor’s fault!” “It’s the insurance company’s fault!” Anybody but him. Well, the fire investigator goes in and determines the cause. He’s not stupid. The fire investigator testifies in court he found a 250 watt bulb in a 100 watt socket. Case closed. The judge looks at the guys and says: “It was labelled. You knew it. The bulb was too big. This was your fault.”

So that’s how that goes. I’ve seen it. It’s not the first hour you use it, or the tenth… it’s the hundredth or the thousandth hour you use it that it fails, when you have long since forgotten about it, and got overconfident. Then the phone rings or the doorbell…

Protecting your balls here is a good idea. They are NOT big enough to exceed the 1 or 2 inch depth that the IR is capable of, so it is conceivable that they would get “heated up” rather quickly, especially with long sessions of half hour or an hour. They are organs, not skin and muscle tissue with fresh cool blood pumping in constantly to remove the excess heat. This is a wise idea, I think. Cover up. I like Modesto Man’s idea: get a little plate or saucer and wrap tinfoil on it. Cool. it would reflect the heat back up on the underneath side of your dick… could be handy. The sock works well, too.

The eyes… well again is just everyday common sense. Don’t stare at the bulb for long periods! Simple. There were news articles about something like this in the 60’s. I believe one or two hippies or “acid heads” somehow got the notion (during one of their “trips”) that it would be “cool” to stare at the Sun. Well he did, and sure enough he went blind. Is this “surprising” to anyone?

I found my setup at a hardware store called Lowe’s. This is where I would look first, they have the stuff. Hardware stores like Lowe’s, Home Base and Home Depot, places like that. I found the IR bulb in the lightbulb section, 11 bucks. I found the light fixture in the electrical section, where they have extension cords and “drop lights.” It’s a clamp-on “incubator” light with a big aluminum hood and of course the good porcelain socket. It’s not the pinnacle “fashion statement” or the latest style in “home decorating” but hey, it’s safe, and it works, that’s what really matters. Stick it in the closet whan company comes. Cost: 9 bucks. So for a total cost of about 21 dollars with tax, I was out the door with my new goodies. I can clamp it to my desk or table and go to it! :)

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Electron, thanks for the interesting info about sockets. I had never given much thought to ceramic or metal vs. plastic.

As for covering balls, legs or whatever you don’t want to heat, a piece of “space blanket” (placed shiny side out) would work too. They only cost a couple dollars. Example

Any gains made with the new heat source yet? Anybody?


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I have gained while using the IR lamp, but it’s impossible to say if it helped in it or not. I do believe that constant heating of the tissues while stretching or hanging does help as it just seems logical to me. Heated tissues stretch easier.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

One sentence up above may have been a little misleading.

I did some research today, and there is no difference between the “red” IR bulbs and the “clear” IR bulbs, as far as the “wavelength” or energy produced. They do the same thing. The red ones are “easier on the eyes”, as you can understand. I prefer the red myself. the glare from the white ones can get a little annoying after a while. So functionally, they are the same, it’s just a personal preference thing after that. Hope that helps!

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All truth goes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self evident. -Schopenhauer

I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. -Richard Dawkins

I don’t think just covering your balls is enough to protect them from the heat. Wrapping them in tin foil would be like baking two potatoes, no? Doesn’t sound too smart. Unless you wanna be sterile, that is.

Whatever happened to just a plain ol’ hot washcloth and a bowl of hot water?

Or, wouldn’t a small space heater (that blows warm air with a fan) be better than staring at a red light bulb for an hour or two if you want constant heat?

Anyone seen their electric bill drastically rise while using these?

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250watts is not alot, a 1 kilowatt bulb left on for an hour would be a single unit of electricity.

Originally Posted by LurkMeat
Wrapping them in tin foil would be like baking two potatoes, no? Doesn’t sound too smart. Unless you wanna be sterile, that is.


Don’t wrap, cover. Metal reflects IR, like a mirror.

Three years ago on PE Forum, SOMEONE had dug up some research on the Internet from the world of sports medicine, about how they stretched ligaments using heat, that was applied all through the stretching, and I THINK I remember it said they kept the stretch after the heat was removed, during the cool-down, until it was cool, and that was important - sort of like holding that new stretcehd shape so it “cools” into that shape.

Actually, two years ago. :)


Wow, yeah. Looks like the upshot is: all-day stretching is best for stretching. Don’t know how it applies to girth. And yes, do the cool-down while still stretched to cement the stretch.

This constant heat idea sounds like it’ll work. But like everyone else, I’m worried about the potential damage to my testicles.

What about LurkMeat’s idea of a small space fan blowing out wam hair? That will keep the penis warm but it may dry it too much.

I just bought a 150 watt ceramic infrared plate from Zoo Med Laboratories, got it at PetSmart. It has no bulb, it is completely ceramic, and can last 20,000 hours, many times that of an ordinary infrared bulb. Also, it gives off no light, as not to disturb the night cycle of reptiles (its intended use). Cost $33. This would be cose effective by the time it would take to replace 3 ordinary bulbs…but this one lasts 5 years.

One foot to go


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