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Discussion on Lifestyle Size Study: is bp or nbp


So wait a minute I sourced information, misinterpreted it, forgot about it… then sourced myself sourcing it!

Oh my god I need to get my memory checked. I’m laughing so hard.

But reading the posts, it seems I never actually followed up with a phonecall.

HA HA - you sound like me, memory wise. :) We are getting old, I guess!

I am curious - what is your theory as to why Ansell/Lifestyles would fabricate the Cancun Study? What is the motivation?

Maybe, I keep on saying to myself I’ll get out of this size debate crap one year but I seem to end up back here kicking the same rotting corpse as before.

The motivation would be publicity and to make your product seem more based on the research of science than the research of psychology (packaging, advertising). You know, “maybe I should pick up Lifestyles, they actually did quite a bit of research. I don’t see any other condom company doing that amount of research”. There’s also associative messaging I think it’s called where you see their name beside condom and penis and when you think of condoms you think “Lifestyles”. (I also think of Trojan)

In conversation about the average penis size it could follow as “Oh well, lifestyles did this study where they measured 300 people and found the average to be 5.8 inches and 4.7 girth”. There’s a lot of brand name recognition at stake here. Really, to get a nice study we should coax another condom company to one up lifestyle’s study and *winks* open source their data, since open sourcing is another way to get public attention.

Man I dunno, still pretty far fetched for me. (although it would make a good movie?)

For another thread I was looking at the wikipedia article on the Lifestyle study. They site a article from ANSELL

“ANSELL RESEARCH – The Penis Size Survey”. Ansell. March 2001. Retrieved 2006-07-13.” The link goes to this which I guess has been rewritten?

Anyways this is what they say about girth measuring methodology:

The Cancún LifeStyle study, in which the circumference of the shaft was measured at three points (base, mid-shaft, and just below the head) and then averaged, found an average of 12.63 cm (4.972 inches) with a standard deviation of 1.3 cm (0.5 in).

Dudes, don’t think at that study : the nurses were drunk too.

One of these days, we’ll get one of those 300 guys here.

Originally Posted by Katts
One of these days, we’ll get one of those 300 guys here.

A legend will be born… well, signed up.


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