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Discolouration cure


Discolouration cure

Hey guys.
The other day (a few weeks back) my mum ordered lipstick from Space NK and they gave her some free sachets in the post of some cream.

So I had some little cuts on my face (from scratching yes) so I tried this one cream Revive Cellular repair SPF 15 formula.
And no joke this is not a exaggeration the cuts I had put it on were gone.

No sign of a scratch or cut. And I mean these were nasty scratches which started off as spots which I then fiddled with making them worse and this cream sorted it out no problem.

I was so excited about it that I looked for it online to buy it to save my skin from getting that bad again.
And I found out the reason why it is so good.
It costs £155 for 60mil’s that’s $250ish.
I was heart broken and haven’t bought any but it also says on the sachet (which is screwed up and empty) that it fades away discoloration by bringing new cells to the surface.

So I thought of my Willy buddy’s here at Thunders.
I am not advertising this or making any profit by telling you about it.
I am not going to put a link up your going to have to find it yourself.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

Yours sincerely
Mr Whiskers

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Originally Posted by MisterWhiskers

So I thought of my Willy buddy’s here at Thunders.

Only on thunders could that be said :)

Iv seen quite a few products in my time that cost £100 upwards and when reviewed against products costing 4 times as little the cheaper one in most cases gets a better review, not because of the price but the product. So makes me wonder if there is a cheaper version? If not and it did work then id say it’s worth the price. Thanks for sharing.

Try to be cheeky and get some more off them? Then try it on your willy if you have any discolouration and let us know the results :)

Sounds like an interesting cream, maybe towards the end of my PE stint if I had discolouration I might try it but not much point right now. If it did work for people I wouldn’t hesitate paying that much.

I am trying as we speak.
(There phone line is open till 6) How odd.

They don’t do any smaller tubs then the 60ml version.
But they may send me a few sachets as a persuader.

It’s pure magic.
I wish it was sold in shops where I live I would run in there and steal the tester.
(Would they do a tester?)

Good plan Firegoat.

Mr W

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

How about that formula that was posted for a Lotion back in the day with calendula and Comfrey? I use it on my unit after a workout and a shower.

I don’t know how well it heals discoloration though.

Lubricant for Penis Enlargement

For those that haven’t seen it.

It costs a lot still, like 30 bucks for a mix (calendula and comfrey is hard to find), but it lasts a long time.

Fire goat rolls seem interesting.

How about just applying heat with an IR lamp through out the day? I feel it helps a lot with healing in general. I don’t know much about discoloration though.

I need this cream!

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Depends on what kind of discoloration you have. If it’s hemosiderin staining, creams and such won’t touch it. I chemically peeled mine off.

Hey Hobby

I probably have the worst kind of blue under the penis you can get, so chemical peel? How would I do that? I think that’s probably what I have to do, seeing I was hanging very heavy and probably have that hemosiderin staining.

Just to clarify, you put the wart remover on for 5-7 mins, wash it off in the shower, and then don’t touch your rod, let everything else happen on it’s own, over the next week? Applying moisturizer shortly after the application of wart remover and then often throughout the 7 days?

Can you still PE over this week? Should I get rid of this discolouration now, will it hinder or help in gains, or make any difference?

I’d be careful with the wart remover, especially if you’re putting it all over your dick. I have used it and it does work, but for me most of the discolouration still came back.

I have an appointment at a clinic next Wednesday to see if I can do a chemical peel or some other high-tech option. I’ll report back.

As I said, read through the whole thread. Chemical peeling isn’t something you want to undertake before understanding the process and reading experiences of others. For some of us it worked extremely well. Others had problems.

Any luck MisterWhiskers getting anymore samples?…n=GoogleUK+-+PF

Is available here for £93 from a reputable seller as well. Not thinking just about my penis here but got some nasty marks on my forehead which don’t seem to go away. Basically spots that I had in the past which have gone away but left black marks which annoy the hell out of me. My already ugly face is being made to look worse ;) Also would give it a try on my penis as I do have a bit of discolouration there as well. Not from PE though.

hmmmm I’ll think about this, needs to read some more reviews before I shell that kind of money out. Not gonna use this stuff forever, this is a strictly one time get those marks off and never speak of this cream again ;) My mum was telling me to try some cream to sort those marks out and I did tell here there was a cream available which might do the job and she was like get it but even though I’ve got the money I’m a cheap skate at heart :p

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