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i have noticed discoloration on the tip of my dick and it doesn’t go away. is there anything i can do to remove it? how did it get there?

It got there by using either too much pressure, jelquing with a 100% stiff dick or by too much force while doing stretches.

Either way, don’t worry.

What you see are tiny little bloodspots, stemming from bursted bloodvessels after a good session. They should disappear within a couple of days, maybe less. Use less intensity next time and make sure you got a good warm-up before you engage in your routine.

If they don’t go away at all or if the condition worsens, see a doc.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


I have a little patch on the top of my dick, I like it, with that and all the veins it just looks really tuff. I dont want a pretty dick I want a scary big dick that makes them say ooohhhhhh ahhhh

Most of my penis has become “discolored” from PE. I like the way it looks too. Like it has a tan.

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