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I know this has been discussed before but would like to know if this is a permanent result of PE or if it will go away eventully. My shaft is partly grey at the top from pumping I believe. I have started hanging with light weights for about a month and stopped pumping. I usuallly pumped at low pressure (5 to 7 hpg) and not very long sessions (20 to 30 min.) but got continuoous red spots and dark areas on the shaft. I know this also happens with hanging. Just want to if there is a solution.

Thanks in advance

Take some time off. It should go away in a week or so. If you want to start up again, try a cooldown with a warm rag around your shaft for 5 mins before and after a workout. That’s what I do and I haven’t had any problems with injury or discoloration. Good Luck, hope this helped you.

thanks Illist

I took a few days off and it seemed to improve but the darkness did not disappear completely.

Just getting into a new phase and don’t want to take any more time off. I do frequent warm ups with a heat pad but will try the wet rag also.

I will be less concerned if I have some assurance that normal looking skin tone will return.

If not I will buy Dino’s snake oil.

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