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Discoloration Dilemma

Discoloration Dilemma

Hey everybody! I haven’t posted in a while ‘cause I’ve been away on vacation. I didn’t do any jelqing for two weeks except for maybe the next to last day. I wasn’t gonna bring my PowerJelqer with me, so I tried my hands at manual jelqing. God, what a bitch! I felt like it did absolutely nothing for me except engorge the head and give my delts a pump! When I started PE, I started with the power jelq device, so I guess I’m spoiled, but I have started incorporating manual jelqing just to mix it up.

Anyway, enough bullshit. My point/question is this: What is the best way to minimize or reverse the slight discoloration caused by jelqing? It’s not totally terrible, it’s just that the skin on the underside of my shaft is getting darker. I’m afraid that if I keep going, my whole dick will look “dirty”. I wouldn’t mind if I were getting good results, but the gains are painfully slow and I did take two weeks off too. Also, are the rollers on the power jelq to blame for the discoloration? They are made of black foam, after all. Could that be it?

Any insights? Thanks. I’m glad to be back. I hope everyone is getting closer to their goals!


Prick I have two suggestions:

(1)Go to your nearest tanning spa and darken the rest of your body. It’s a great way to meet woman and show of your tan( all of it).

(2) Go to your local pharmacy and purchase some bleaching cream and natural aloe vera gel. After every jelq session mis the wo in the palm of your hand and aplly ro your cock.

Jelktoid is trying not to be annoyed

I posted earlier about a great product called Dermacure. It’s great. Do a search on the forum for it.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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