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Just very quickly, I would like to point out that I got into staright out hanging several months ago, and when I had to stop for travel purposes I had what I thought was pretty permanent discolorisation, mostly on the underside around the circ scar. BIB had mentioned that his unit was darker after all his hanging, so I accepted it as part of PE and didn’t think much of it. Although I noticed it every day in the shower, my wife did not make any comment, so it was nothing serious.

Well, after going into Thunders last night after a long time off, I paid more attention to my dick this morning in the shower (funny that) and I suddenly realised the discolourisation has disappeared, completely. Has happened over a period of months, but it has disappeared.

Simply food for thought.



Did you have any discoloring of your glans? I “over bibbed it” with my bib hanger which caused quite drastic discoloring of my glans from the extreme head pressure. I wish I had known about potential glans discoloring before I started using the bib hanger.

I still have normal feeling in my glans, but it’s been noticeably discolored for many months with little sign of improvement. It seems like it’s going to be permanent, but who knows, maybe more time is needed.



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