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Different technique:Welding


Would it help if I posted a pic?

I’m not sure if I can navigate an in- use shot, but at least the box and ‘trodes. It cost me about 40 bucks, off an EBay auction; apparently German made.

No, you don’t have to go to that length for me. If you get good results from it I will just buy one with small leads on it. I’m sure I will figure it out from there, but thanks.

Now if others would like to get a look at it then it may help to give others the idea as to what you are up to. Some times a picture is worth a million words. :)


yeah please keep us updated rod, apart from modemmer’s interest as the official experimentation organiser I think a lot of other people would be interested.

Micro Electric Stimulation

I first used eletric stimulation when i was about 15years old .By disconcecting the wires off the specker of a old valve radio and extending them ,rapping one around the penis and one around the testicials.Turning the volumn up for results.I now use a Ten’s unit. One wire attached to a ring which both balls are put through,the other attached to a rod which has a half inch ball on the end [the rod is insulated]Insert this up your rear end by the prostrate gland and watch the juices flow


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LIke I said on the other board, it would be a waste of money. I am just about positive it would not work for you. As an example, the ab machings do nothing. You have to crank the amps so high it would be totally painful and leave it on all day and you STILL would not be sore. I have several friends that tried it. This is for therapy to muscles that have been injured or compromized not healthy people. No substitute for actual exercize. Just do kegels.


I don’t want to discourage people, I just don’t want people to get their hopes up. The increased bloodflow comes from stimulation (that’s why it makes a good masturbation device) Capiche?

The voltages and current involved aren’t strong enough to do any muscle building, that’s why Body Builders don’t use them to get big, that’s why the Ab-energizer doesn’t work.

The devices have 2 uses for pain relief and to keep muscles from wasting. That’s why you see them used by people with injuries and parapalegics.

P.S. Anyone hear from Dance lately? I miss his posts.


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