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Different approach to PE and its workouts; READ THIS!!

One of the most saner and wisest inputs I have read on the forum lately.

Well, I’m about to start a cycle of superdrol 20mg a day. 4 weeks straight, I’ll compare my results and let yall know. Honestly, I think it may help recovery a bit, but we’ll see.

After reading these posts, I would have to agree with the theory that less is more.

Even in my weightlifting experience, I found overtrainning did help keep my schedule in line (because it was always on my mind because I was always doing it). But less (3 times a week) turned out to give me the gains I wanted.

Same with PE. When I started, I got over zealous and started to have ED which is the opposite of what PE was supposed to do. I know that it’s supposed to be a minor side effect which goes away after a week, but mine didn’t go away for a lot longer and only when I added rest.

I’m not new to PE, but I am relatively new to this forum. I first stumbled across PE 3 years ago, yet never really pursued it (long…very long story). I bought a membership to MassiveMember and they seemed like a very reputable company at the time, and I believe, still are. I their program, they advise atleast 2 days of complete rest from and PE (except PC/BC exercises) during each week. Also, they advocate only 10 MINUTES of jelqing - no more, no less.

I started out as a weightlifter before I became a PEer, but I still have a weightlifter mentality when it comes to diet, and I really believe that without a proper diet FROM FOOD, all the pills in the world will not help, especially in the long run. A little arginine or a multivitamin here and there isn’t that bad, but all this Viagra stuff and other libido drugs are just too much in my opinion, unless you REALLY are impotent - and even TRUE impotence is rare. I’ll save the pills for when I’m old and lazy, but for now, food AND EXERCISE (also underrated) are key for overall health and penile health.

Here’s how my routine looks.

Monday = 5 min warmup/250 3-sec jelqs/shower (warmdown)/JAI and tunica twists
(Every other) Tuesday = 10 dry jelqs followed by 1 horse440 (I do this 10 times)
Wednesday = 5 min warmup/250 3-sec jelqs/shower (warmdown)/JAI and tunica twists
(Every other) Thursday = 10 dry jelqs followed by 1 horse440 (I do this 10 times)
Friday = 5 min warmup/250 3-sec jelqs/shower (warmdown)/JAI and tunica twists
Saturday = REST
Sunday = 5 min warmup/250 3-sec jelqs/shower (warmdown)/JAI and tunica twists

Basically, this routine took me 3 years to develop. It is based on MY body. I basically just jelq every other day and every other Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I throw in a couple of girth routines, but I’m not usually consistent with these. I’m trying to add length first (I want 7.5 and I’m 5.75) and THEN I’ll focus on girth a lot more.

The key thing is consistency and NOT overtrainning. They can never be overlooked, but usually are.

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I find it comforting to know that I’m not the only one who thinks finding a suitable diet for PE is important.

I been PE for 2 .5 years,started el.5.75,girth 4.2,now 7.5,5.2,good gains,I’m looking to take time off.



What about the studies here that postulate “so much gain per so many hours of hanging” Wouldn’t that mitigate against minimal time per gain routines?

I hanged 2-3 hours per day for 5 months and didn’t gain squat. I don’t think there’s any simply equation linking gains with weight and time. At least it didn’t seem that way to me.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.


Thank you for writing all that, I started PE 2 years ago and did all the newbie mistakes with the over training like min 30 min every day and I got tired of it so stopped PE 3 weeks later with no gains due to the over training and lack of time I suppose.
Of course I was disappointed because I want to be more than average size just like women wants bigger breasts or body builders want bigger mussel’s.
I never forgot about PE though and I have always returned to Thunder’s place and read about how other people gained in size.
So of course I must be possible for me to right? Reading all these post I have found that you have to be patient and take it easy.
So now I jelq about 15-20 every day the same way you do it. And I have rest days too.
If you really gained 2” + I must say that is impressive just by 5 moth of jelqing, gives me hope :-)

Keep up the “hard” work but don’t be to hard doing it

In the first post of this treat, Uncut4Big said that over-training is the worst enemy. He followed a schedule that costs not much time, incorporates enough healing time and gives him very good gains…

In a later treat of him ( Disgusting GAINS!!! ) he wrote that he followed this schedule:


Warm-up about 5 mins
15 mins of intense stretching
150 - 200 slow jelqs (depending on how much time I got on my hands)

Warm-up about 5 mins (shower)
15 mins of intense stretching (shower)
15 mins of regular stretching (under infrared light to keep a constant heat)
500 jelqs (same heat source)
And some Uli’s, some Horses thrown in.

My common sense tells me that training your dick 2 times a day is over-training. I think the penis is not totally healed at the evening if you trained it in the morning. On the other hand, he only jelqed it in the morning for about 8 minutes, so the tissue damage would not be that bad.

What are your opinions on this? Won’t it be counterproductive to train >1 times a day?

Thank yous guys…



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Surely the overall message from this is quality rather than quantity. I am a platform diver and so have to maintain a very high level of core strength. I have applied the same principles to PE: namely, I work out to exhaustion and then recover fully, regardless of how long it takes. And the muscles must be kept pumped up - i.e. larger than normal during the exercise - hence my interest in edging. AND they must be fully warmed up before starting: to this end I think an IR bulb or lamp is invaluable.

I am reasonably happy with my gains - basically 1” in 6 months - and I do not feel as if I have run out of scope to get bigger.

Wow. I’ve just seen this thread, and I’ve upped my stretching to 45mins a session and to 600 jelqes per session! I often find it daunting to start a session as it takes like 1 and a half hours in all. I’ve not really noticed many gains, except for the odd afterwards big hang.

I think I have overtrained, when I first started, after a 300jelquing session, I would then warm wrap and i would look huge and feel good. But recently, even after upping it to 600jelqs I don’t get that feeling any more. I think I may be overtraining.

When my skin has recovered (I think i’ve torn some parts of my skin), I will definately try this over my daunting long session. Starting next monday (so I’ve had a good week off), I will do 5 mins warm up, 5 mins stretching, and 300 jelqs. And thats it :)

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

Interesting Craigy. On Friday I did my usual 750 jelq session followed by 40 minutes of edging. I then took 2 days off and this week have been doing a short 200 jelq session each day. I ‘ll keep this up until Friday and then do another “super session”. So far this week, my flaccid hang has been great. Maybe I was overtraining with regular 700-800 jelq sessions? They seemed to leave me a bit shrivelled and there was no time to recover.

Nice thread really(I just read the first post)

I think you are right with your theory about the pc-training.

I worked my pc for month doing some kegels all over the day.

Then I started to lift weights with kegels and kegel when errected -> much more benefit.

For me it works best when I do a kegel training after a pe-session.

Hanging weights on my errected penis and try to raise and hold it as long as possible.

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