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2 inches?!

I did?

Re: jelktoid

Originally posted by luvdadus
Besides, a gain of 2 inches for most is more than what is really needed.

What crap :wave: I NEED at least FOUR more inches!!!


About the muscle thing here, if and i saying if you were to workout your penis like that you should probably change workout plans every once in a while so you could mximize growth and keep it from getting used to the workout. Because once muscles get used to specific workouts they don’t gain very fast at all… just some advice if your planning on that k thx

Hey Guiri!

You only need an extra 4 inches! Lucky you - I need much more than that! How long does it have to be before I can tie it in a knot?! :chuckle:

lil1 :littleguy

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

That’s right! Luvdadus is a prince and a gentleman. But there are a lot of us who want more than 2 inches. I would like 3.5 exactly. Why the hell not! If Bigger can get 4.5 am I a fool to want 3.5. I don’t think so.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Depends on the knot! Which one do you have in mind?



I tend to agree somewhat with what your saying.But the penis is not a muscle but it is elastic.So think of it like this,a rubber band is elastic also and at work we have many blueprints and we wrap them with rubber bands.We only buy one size rubber bands but i’ve noticed when you take the band off an old set of big blueprints it stretched out as in not the same size as the others.In theory you can can make the penis bigger with many methods over time pumping,stretching,jelqing,hanging,ect…If you put enough stress on your penis for a long enough time it will grow period.Where as a muscle grows by tearing and rebuilding the penis grows simply by stretching and expanding.Now I used to lift weights alot and agree that less reps and more maxing out is the way to build muscle i’m not sure i agree on the penis.I always maxed out lifting weights because I was into strength and mass but if i wanted definition then less weight and more reps is the way to go at least from my experience.I’m no professional lifter but i’ve had good results.And also in PE i’ve had mixed experiences.About 1 1/2 years ago I started PE and after two months had just minimal gains so i quit.Now i’ve started again and after a little less than 2 months i’ve seen a 1/2 inch length gain and a 5/8 inch girth gain and I believe it is due to i was afraid to injure myself before.So i’ve applied my weight training methods to my workout I’m not petting the family dog when I workout ,I really work hard and to the max. stretch hard,jelq hard,440h hard,then pump to the max hard.I do this three days on 1 day off,I eat like shit sweets,junkfood, fast food.I smoke 2 packs a day,i drink like a fish,i have sex or masturbate at least once a day.But I’m very committed to my PE workout and do it religiously and have seen great gains.I would say that dedication and a positive attitude is the best result getter.



Do you experience red spotting on your penis after your workout? Also what are the details of your routine. I shared your philosophy, but it seems I always end up fucking up my dick temporarily with no gains. Also how old are you?

What does steroids have to do with PE?

Steroids do not increase your members size. If that was the case every man would be using steroids.



Work the Girth...


Guess i should look to see what page i am on :)



Work the Girth...

Wise perspective over time

I have been following all the “big gainer” posts for the past 6 months
inluding several who believe they have the ultimate.

There is no one size fits all ultimate.

Very few guys gain two plus.


Those who do in such a short time are genetically predisposed, so
forget all the other reasons.

Some routines do work for some better than others but after over three
years of watching some 8,000 different guys come and go, I can only think of
two who had over 4 inch gains, a few more with 3, and so on.

You can say what you want, but those are hard facts.

Bib did remark that some big gainers lurk and never post but I doubt that. Maybe

The fact is that very very few will gain like Bib and DLD no matter what, unless
we may be looking at a ten year time frame.

Just a bit of reality guys, and I am proud of all of you.

There are an unfortuante few, Bib and I estimate about 1-2% who never gain
a millionth of a millimeter, often after a whole year. Problem is they quit too fast.

Some guys are just lucky but I have had PMs from several VERY disturbed guys
at how “cavelierly” the ease of getting big gains are for a very very small

I dunno. I see no problem with bragging and showing what you have.
Hell I have, though I cannot post my pic. Please continue. I think
those who cannot gain so quickly need to stop being jealous and
just work harder, that’s all you can do.

Life ain’t fair.

I hope this makes sense. I could give you my famous “PE Model” with all
various factors in it and how the theories come and go.

There is no ultimate. I still remember when the “shock routine” was
touted by a couple of guys as ulitmate. They are long gone.

I am glad we do have some very fortunate, genetically predisposed guys, but
for most of us it is hard and slow work.

I think I have been told “no more” however.


We shall see

need help with Kegels,

Thanks for such an informative post. great stuff! I have a question about doing kegels. I just can’t seem to feel these at all. I try to squeeze but i just don’t feel any stength down there. Also, how does one know if you are squeezing/tightening correctly? When i do these me legs and groin and sphincter tense up pretty hard. is this supposed to happen? as you said uncut, after finally isolating this muscle you was sore for days. how were you able to isolate the pc muscle? is there some trick to doing this? my erections have been weak before starting PE and i am thinking that it may be because of a weak pc muscle. So, I am really desperate for help in this area.

thanks in advance.

workout frequency.

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I agree, I do think workout frequency is one of the

most critical and somewhat overlooked facets of PE.

Granted this is just speculation, but considering the penis is such a small part of our

anatomy (for most of us at least) and in bodybuilding smaller muscles can be trained

more often than larger ones, as they recover more quickly, wouldn’t it suggest that

for the majority of people the penis can be trained everyday?

However, it may be erroneous to draw comparisons from bodybuilding, because as

we all know by now, the penis is not a muscle, and it’s composition is more dense

much like that of the heart.

I am in two minds regarding training frequency, on one hand it stands to reason

we need to rest, to rebuild new tissue, on the other, it might be detrimental as the

fibers tend to toughen, and might become more resistant to further efforts to encourage

new growth.

PE is not an exact science, and unlike bodybuilding where there are certain

indisputable guidelines to follow with regards to training, PE is still in its infancy

however, with the help of this wonderful forum (hats off to Thunder) and through trial

and error of it’s dedicated members, eventually we won’t need to speculate/analyze every

detail of PE, there will be specific routines to follow for newbie’s, right through to advanced

whereby everyone has the optimum chance to reach their full growth potential.

So, until all the guess work has been taken out of PE, I think we must rely on the experience

and advice from the senior members in this forum, along with our own intuition and just plain

common sense.

Great first post, nzdick! I agree with the idea that not everyone needs rest days. Personally I work hard during the week days (1 wet workout in shower, stretches & wet jelqs, 1 or 2 dry workouts of stretches & dry jelqs), but on saturdays I do my wet routine with maybe one dry routine, and on sundays just the one dry routine. I just never feel that my penis is overworked, and I never get any pains from my routines. I’ve even found that working past the point where I get small red/blood spots gets rid of them, whereas I used to stop when I got them and wait until they had gone before resuming PE. That would sometimes be more than a day. But now I work past them, they fade during my routine and are gone within a day! So the penis and PE are definitely confusing and we often have to resort to guess work and learn to trust what our bodies tell us.

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Re-re-start!: 6 Feb 17: 6.9" BPEL x 4.9" EG & 5.5" head. As of: 23 Feb 17: 7.0" BPEL x 5.0" EG & 6.0" head.

Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!

Does anyone know if steroids combined with exercise lead to faster and bigger gains?


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