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Different approach to PE and its workouts; READ THIS!!


what exactly does that explain? Nothing, in my opinion, Bro.

Steroids are a known cause for impotence, so I don’t see the advantage of taking some. He had, according to him, great gains by doing shorter, more intense workouts. I have serious doubts that steroids played a role there and are responsible for the increase in his dick size.

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Uncut4Big / Mike


I agree with penister, growth and impotense is two different things. Steroids stimulate growth and healing of tissue so why shouldnt it work in PE also.

The sad thing is that their hormone system gets so whacked out of place that they become impotent. Still i dont think it has anything to do with growth, its two different mechanism.

Anyway dont you think that just a few of the hundreds on this and the other board would have seen similar growth. 2” in 6 months is way out of normal range and he says most of it came in just 3 months. Think about it thats nearly an inch a month, hell i wouldnt mind that, but steroids… thanks but no thanks :)


I have adopted Uncut’s routine into my regular schedule now. I have started to notice different things happening now. Especially since I cut down the amount of food I eat and spread it out. Also with the change in exercises regimen, I am seeing little changes occur in my penis.

I will let you know more in the future.

Example of your Diet please


For some of us that may not be on the “best” diet that you are talking about, could you please list the foods and quanties that you consume… for let’s say a typical day?

Also what is your approx. calorie burn for the day as well. I know this may be a harder number for you to estimate but it would give us a better idea of how to balance food intake with our own exercise routines.

Thanks for you reply Canuck


I try to limit my carb intake to begin with.
I eat two meals per day.
Lunch and dinner
Lunch will be either a cobb salad, or a sandwich or some very benign chinese food like moo goo gaipan which is vegies and chicken breast.

Dinner, typically is either fish, chicken or a very plentiful salad as a main course.
If I eat chicken or fish, I will have a side of veggies or fresh tomatos or some rice. On
some occasion some mashed potato. I will eat sourdough bread with olive oil. Olive oil has no cholesterol. And tastes better than marg. or butter. I

Never eat sweets, never eat any dessert, never eat candy, never eat ice cream.

I am not diabetic. It is just that by deleting those foods from the diet, I can maintain a better body weight and limit my fat intake as well.

I eat egg substitute instead of real eggs. And an omelette will consist of egg. sub. plus such items as mushrooms, brocolli, onions. I have also eliminated cheese. It is too fat.
I do not drink milk or take in any dairy products because of lactose intollerance.

This is just a common sense approach to keep the weight off and stay healthy.

My only snack food is blister salted skinned peanuts.

No actual calorie count per day


I don’t really count my daily calorie intake. I just try to eat healthy, that’s all. No junk or fast food, moderate alcohol intake, that sorta thing.

I eat a cereal and some fruit every morning. Kellogg’s Smart Start does it for me. Lunch is usually some low-calorie, high-in-fiber stuff with a moderate carb-count. Dinner might be some soup and salad, occasionally a steak but mainly fish, chicken and pasta. As snacks I eat apples or a banana. Don’t forget water, 64oz. a day.

That’s it.

It works for me, normally, but I gained a few pounds over the holidays and I’m trying to get rid of them right now. Hope that helps.

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Uncut4Big / Mike


Good to see you are back after over 2 months of not posting. Hope all is well with you.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey luvdadus,

My bad. I bumped this thread back to the top of the forum. Have not heard a word from Uncutbig in three months or so. Last I heard he was working two jobs, plus helping his father with his business. Hopefully all is well with him. Sorry for the confusion.

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It’s still a dam good thread it just gets better with age


The problem is that he assumes penile muscle/tissue is the same as any other muscle on the body ie biceps triceps. That is not the case - penile tissue is totally different, therefore you cannot apply the same logic to it. That’s why we have Modemmer setting up that new experiment with constant low intensity training throughout the day.

Hey basketball,

I don’t think Thermo was inferring that penile tissue is like normal muscle tissue. I think the point of Thermo’s post was not to overtrain ( a lot of guys do get carried away with PE and DO overtrain) and to have a healthy diet.

But maybe I missed something.

As for Modemmer’s experiment, it may give us more information. On the short workouts done at frequent intervals during the day, I have tried that before and did not find anything effective about it in my case. Check the first experiment.

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Hey Guys,

It was indeed a good thread. However, I have formulated an opinion about stretching and jelqing. Although I started that way, I think that this method has limited potential for length gains. From what I have seen, 2 inches is about the ceiling for length gains. Avocet8 has gained slightly more than that, however, I think that this method is basically a stretching method and 2 inches is about as far as you are going to get the cells within the corpus cavernosa to expand and stretch. Not that a 2 inch gain is anything to sneeze at, mind you. I am convinced that the tunica will certainly stretch farther than that, but not the cells. I would be interested to hears others thoughts on this.

Happy PEing


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I think a 2 inch gain is unusual for any technique, hanging included. there are many example of those who gianed much more than that from manual exercises alone. DLD, and RBat peforums, secjay Here and others. besides, a gain of 2 inches for most is more than what is really needed.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Intense workouts followed by sufficient rest -

I don’t see how jelqing for long periods of time, considering you ARE taking enough rest afterwards, can be a bad thing.

I can, however, see that jelqing, pulling, stretching and hanging all throughout the day with minimal rest, could be a hindrance to making gains.


I totally agree with thermo.
My workout is similar, very simple, short, intense.

5min hot wrap before and after
max 30min intense, slow jelqing
5 days/week

Gained (length) an inch flacid and 1/3 inch erect after 1 month and a half. Proportional girth gains.


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