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Diabetics jelqing or hanging? WillB7?


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Anything is possible but usually diabetics loose sensation in thier feet before any where else. So I’d say that for most that don’t already have neuropathy jelqueing and manual stretches should be ok, at this point I would be reluctant to recommend hanging.

I have no experience.

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PE and Diabetes

Jelqing is quite safe for diabetics imo, provided his blood sugar level is balanced, and the jelqing is built up reasonably from light to more intense jelqs. As a matter of fact it may improve health through better circulation, the same way it does for the non-diabetic. Healing wounds and injuries is slower with diabetes so all precautions have to be taken to avoid bruises etc. Warm up and wraps( never use extreme heat) should always be done. Jelqing erect or almost erect, intense uli’s and squeezes are more likely to cause injury so I’d say if you are diabetic be much more careful about these exercises. I have no experience with hanging but tend to agree with luvdadus that to be on the safe side hanging would best be avoided.

Most important thing for the diabetic pe’er is to stay alert and listen to his body - true for all of us but more so for him.

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