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Devices to replace manual excercises

Devices to replace manual excercises

Are there any devices or gadgets as such that help or do manual excercises for you? I tried searching on the forum and couldn’t come up with anything new.
Beside the BIB hanger and the Power Jelq device, I haven’t found anything else that would perhaps ease the PE process. Not that I’m lazy or anything, it just feels like I’m developing carpal tunnel syndrome since my routine is all manual, and it does put quite a strain on my hands.

Doing the basic excercises in excess of 400 or so while trying to put significant pressure on the penis with hands is harder then it sounds as most of you know already. Now I know most of the excercises are manual and have to be done this way, such as stretches, but I was just curious if there was anything else out there that perhaps you guys might know that works.

Also try searching under “homemade,” “extender,” etc.

I apologize.

I never got carpal tunnel from jelqing. What’s up with that?

Oh, and from my experience, the Power Jelq is a useless piece of overpriced shit. The only thing I credit it for is helping me find Thunder’s Place. As soon as I STOPPED using the PJ and switched to manual exercises, I started to gain. Go figure.

Becoming.... Godsize

Thanks French Onion. I saw that thread but it didn’t hit me at the time since I wasn’t thinking of the question in particular at the time.

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