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Determining LOT

Determining LOT

I seriously have searched, I know “how” to determine LOT, but my question is this. Where the hell is “9:00”? Is that if I am laying on my back straight up to the ceiling, or is that if I am standing, straight up to the ceiling or what ? Where is noon ?

The angle system in LOT was originally setup (I presume) with respect to a person standing up.

It is analagous to the hour hand on a clock. Noon, or 12:00 is when you are stading up and your penis is pointing straight upward (toward your face), 9:00 is when your penis is pointing straight out from your body (horizontal), and 6:00 is when your penis is pointing straight downward.

Obviously, this could be done the same when you are laying down, but the using the “o’clock” system makes most sense when you are standing up.

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