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details of an erection?

details of an erection?

I was just wandering at what erection% the foreskin generally begins to retract or if most guys have to actually pull it all back?
Is the foreskin supposed to remain fully retracted during the whole erection?
I am just a bit worried about a few basic facts and wanted to compare myself to (what I hope to find out through responses) the norm.

You see I believe I have a problem with my foreskin, but I could be wrong, so I wanted to try and clear a few things up with simple questions first so, please help!

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Actually mine is almost always drawn back even flacid. I am pretty sure I am not in the norm for uncircumsized guys though.

Sadly, my foreskin was taken when I was an infant, but I’m working on a suitable replacement. :) Since restoring is one of my interests, I’ve looked at hundreds of dick pics, especially of men who are intact. I have to say it varies quite a bit. Some never retract. Some retract all the way before they’re completely erect. I’m not sure there is a “norm.”

Some examples from our own group: Krowax doesn’t have much foreskin and looks circumcised when erect. One of our newest members, dionc, appears completely covered when erect. You can see their pics in the Members Pics section.

completely drawn back? woah.

right i’ll probably embarass myself but hey..

I think I have a problem and Im going to try to explain everything the best that I can. ok? So please bear with me..

this example is based on me masturbating. :)

when I start jackin off and I begin to get an erection, the foreskin doesnt really withdraw, in fact at a full erection (but it isnt is it?) I can only see the slightest tip of the head, the foreskin is STILL covering everything else. Now when the cock reaches its maximum possible size in this fully covered state,
I have a strong urge to grab the skin and pull it down, so I have 3 choices..

I pull the foreskin back all the way behind the ridge…. (this is what I assume to be the normal position for the foreskin to be in during a full erection, BUT I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!),
My cock continues to grow longer and wider and particularly the head fills up with blood and gets very large and very red very quickly..

however!, this is painful beacuse the skin is too frickin tight! and the head goes EXTREMELY red and it looks like a balloon, all very shiny like,
and I begin to find it too hard to concentrate on “enjoying myself” because keeping the skin back like this is just irritating and painful and although the head was REAlly bulging for a while, it quickly quits straining against the foreskin and goes very dry and I lose some/all of the erection…
and I feel that I still havent achieved a “full erection” because the skin squeezes the head too much..

I can wait until just before ejaculating to retract the foreskin fully..
this is ok because it doesnt have to stay withdrawn for too long, but should I have to do that?.. how would that work during sex?
Im not gonna withdraw my cock before I climax am I?

Sometimes I don’t retract the foreskin at all, I just let it stay in place all the way through, which is ok.. no pain, but it doesn’t … FEEL right and I know my cock gets bigger when the skin is retracted.

this is what I usually do now..
I just pull the foreskin back SOME of the way, so I’m still comfortable.
This feels better then just leaving it in place.. but still not… RIGHT
Its REALLY frustrating. and I commonly feel that I have not even achieved a full erection!

So in conclusion.. my instincts tell me something is wrong.
that is what has led me to this post. I was worried about embarrassing myself, I usually suck at communicating and getting my point across.
I realize It’s entirely possible that Im just a stressed out nut…

but it really has felt wrong and has done so for a long time, now that I think about it.

So does this sound normal.. is the foreskin supposed to retract or .. what?


edit: sorry wrestla I didn’t see your post. I spent a while doing mine..
oh right so it varys.. i suppose that makes sense .. different foreskin lengths and all.. but it feels wrong when mine remains covered what else can I say?
I’m sorry to hear about your circumcision.. I never knew they created so many complications, untill I read roadhoggs thread just a while ago
Do most men who were cut know about the associated problems, or just PE guys?

If God is all powerful, then the devil must be nothing more than a darkness in the mind of God, however if the devil is something real and seperate, then perfection is impossible and God cannot exist except in the aspirations of fallen angels.

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Foreskin restoration (FR) has been around at least as long as PE. Some men know about and do both. Some who are cut really don’t want a foreskin since they’ve never known anything different. Others learn about it one way or the other and discover what they’re missing. If you search for “circumcision” or “foreskin restoration” on a major Internet search engine you will get all kinds of information about what a foreskin does and why it’s good to have one.

One thing I’ve learned is that it is supposed to move during intercourse. Much like masturbation, the movement of the foreskin on the glans (head) of the penis is very stimulating. I don’t think the foreskin has to retract completely to work properly during intercourse or to have a “complete erection” whatever that is. I think what “should” be happening is a combination of your three scenarios. It can stay in place, move up and down, or be pulled back quite a bit and it should still work in the normal fashion.

The head being red and shiny is normal. If you like it retracted while masturbating, but don’t like the dryness, you can always use some lube. During intercourse you’d sort of expect your partner to provide some moisture so the drying wouldn’t occur.

I think you are probably obsessing a bit on this. It doesn’t sound like anything is really wrong. Perhaps other members who do have a foreskin will respond and they can surely give better answers than someone who doesn’t have the full equipment. :leftie:

(P.S. - I’ve been waiting for roadhogg’s thread to develop a bit before I make any comments there. I agree with him about foreskins and restoration, I’m just not sure there’s any real connection with PE and gains.)

Hi there guys,

Super, I think you’ve got semi tight foreskin. You could slide the skin a bit right. I’m also intact but my foreskin could be retracted with out problem. As far as I know intact guy must be able to retract their foreskin with out any pain. If there are some problem, why don’t you go to the doc and ask him to give you ointment or something to help the skin to slide smoothly. Or you could do some searching on the net about foreskin retraction or foreskin care, there should be some advice on how to deal with your problem. Since your cock mostly covered with foreskin thats what makes the glans to be read and shiny when you retract the skin. Well, hope this could help. Seeya and take care:) .

I have the feeling you are talking about phimosis. The condition that the foreskin is so thight that you only cant retract it a bit or not at all.

This is a condition where you should see a doctor to correct it. If its not correceted, because of the smegma (dick-cheese as some might call it) accumulating, you can even get a tumor in your penis.

I’m uncut. When erect the foreskin still covers basically the whole head. So when jacking, I keep the foreskin over the head, and jack back and forth over the head. I can’t imagine how cut guys jack… can’t be anywhere near as good. When having sex, I retract the foreskin fully. It doesn’t hurt me. Like occa said, your foreskin is tighter than it should be.


One thing for sure, you can be very thankful for having all of your equipment! Although, you may never realize just how fortunate you are compared to some of us here.

I suggest that you gradually expand your foreskin laterally so that it will be able to easily glide back and forth over your fully erected glans. Or, at least expand it enough so that it’s not so tightly bunched up in your coronal groove (the neck of your penis) causing you pain.

Although I have no first hand knowledge on how to do this, it seems plausible to think that you could approach this problem similarly as others approach foreskin restoration. Just do what we try to avoid - lateral expansion. One way to do this would be to insert the right sized cylinder (as large as you can comfortably tolerate) into your skin tube and tape it in place for extended periods. Eventually, lateral tissue growth will take place and allow your foreskin to be more retractable over an erected glans. Just make sure that you don’t stop good blood circulation by having it too tight.

Also, don’t go overboard with this because women don’t really like the feel of loose baggy skin during sex. I believe it is a preference to have a foreskin that will stay retracted behind the coronal ridge during sex (verses one that constantly glides back and forth over the glans). Although for masturbation, then having a mobile foreskin seems to be of a preference to the owner so that he may have the right type of pleasure feelings. Guess what circumcised guys have do to achieve these needed pleasure feelings? All depending on just how circumcised they are, most will need the help of a jar of petroleum jelly. Pretty sad, eh?

I feel that once you correct this problem you will enjoy sex/masturbation to an extreme. It really shouldn’t take you too long to do it. Just by carefully retracting your foreskin (as far as you can comfortably retract it) with a fully engorged glans on a regular basis would be of a big help to solve this problem, but in itself it may not be the answer.

Please under no circumstances let your doctor talk you into having a circumcision. If you were to have one, at first you may actually prefer it over to what you had prior. Although, after the desensitization process progresses, you will most definitely be regretful of having made such a decision. Although, this type of adulthood circumcision can’t be compared to an infantile circumcision at all (not even remotely) .

And yes, I agree with westla90069 in his assumption that you are obsessing a bit over this. Although, I give you a lot of credit for not rushing over to the doctor’s office for a snip job (that’s how a doctor would correct the problem).


Originally posted by r0ad_h0gg
I believe it is a preference to have a foreskin that will stay retracted behind the coronal ridge during sex (verses one that constantly glides back and forth over the glans).

If the foreskin is the right tightness, you can choose which you use.

I’m cut, but I had a conservative circumcision.

When I’m erect, I look fully cut. When I’m in usual flaccidity, my foreskin bunches slightly around the coronal ridge. When my flaccid is slightly undersized (during cold temp, etc.), it is actually unrolled onto the glans itself, covering the entire coronal ridge (making me look “almost” uncut).

I’m satisfied with it the way it is (except the size, lol).

By the way, I can move my shaft skin while I masterbate, but my foreskin does not slide bach & forth over my coronal ridge during intercourse - and I agree that this feels best for my wife (that tight hardness around my head).

Thankyou for all the replys guys,
It felt better to discuss this, this is a truly great forum, to know that I can comfortably do that.

Well I do believe I have a semi-tight foreskin, because when my cock’s really erect, it is sometimes just too tight to pull back at ALL, yet at other times it slowly slips back halfway on it’s own and .. tries to go further, and then ow. I suppose it’s dependent on the glans, on how enlarged it get’s on that particular erection.
I think I can sort my self out though, If I spend time on medical forums perhaps. I have NEVER used lube though! I’ll see how it feels with that, then I’ll actually be able, to more accurately predict how it would affect sex.

Oh well I am grateful to actually HAVE a foreskin!
How could it still be possible for a doctor to ever recommend a circumcision though? I don’t understand this..

thanks again.

If God is all powerful, then the devil must be nothing more than a darkness in the mind of God, however if the devil is something real and seperate, then perfection is impossible and God cannot exist except in the aspirations of fallen angels.

Hey super! I think its safe to say that thee and me are in exactly the same boat! Ive heard countless stuff and had advice from ppl here and from searching the net bout phimosis. Being young i dont wanna go through life with this problem. Apparently it only affects about 2% of the male population so on here i think we can each take a %!!! Anyway my thread has a few other tales you might be interested in. Heres a few sites too…

tight foreskin???

As for me I’ve decided to try changing my masturbation tech using lube and see if I can stretch my foreskin. If im no further forward its off to the urologist, but no way I’m getting cut!

Good luck!

rundlefrog1 - please take a minute to read the Forum Guidelines . Thanks! (re: ppl, i, im, dont, wanna, Ive, etc.)

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