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Describe YOUR horse routine here

Describe YOUR horse routine here

Hey fellas - for now I’m doing about 12 horses, 1 minute long each with about 45 seconds between each. I’m doing this 2 days on, 1 day off along with other PE including jelqing, manuals and a little hanging. Anyway to stick to the thread topic of horse squeezes, I was wondering what your personal horse routines were. Do you feel more reps of less time is more beneficial than fewer reps of greater length? For example say I wanted to increase my squeeze time by 3 minutes. I could either add 3 more 1-minute reps or still do 12 but increase each to 1:15 in duration. Based on replies of your success stories perhaps I can tailor my routine a bit. I gained 1/4” in the first 3 months girthwise, most of which I feel came from doing the above.

This isn’t ALL I do for girth… most of the time I do that routine above I start with 15-20 minutes of jelquing, half of which is done erect. But to stick to the horse topic what works best for you guys?


No replies? I’m really surprised.

I honestly can’t even finish 10 Horses. I know that my reply is not going to be very helpful, but I wish I could gain like you from horse. I need girth in midshaft. I have a larger head.

What I do is this. It has been 1.5 months I started PE. Right now I first wet jelq for 20 minutes. Then try to do the horses with a similar type of routine like yours. It takes like 30-40 seconds to push some blood to the head, and I do that kegel to trap more blood, then I do an 8-10 sec horse squeeze. But I rest very little, like 5 seconds or so. then start the jelqs again…

horse intensity

I guess intensity is an issue with horses as well. I could do them so intense that I could only get say 10 or 15 seconds out of each. I choose rather to do a medium-hard level of intensity and go for a full minute instead. Usually in the last few seconds I’ll squeeze tighter with both hands to give a really good burn.


Hi Immortality,

My Horse routine is like this; at 100 % erect kegel in as much blood as possible, trap firm at the base and squeeze the head for about 30 seconds. Afterwards release and rest for about the same time.
I do about 10 reps each time I have my PE session. I think that the alternation between pressure and release pays off more than a long time squeeze.


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