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Density of Flaccid Penis

Density of Flaccid Penis

Since I started doing Ulies hardcore for the past two months, I’ve noticed that my flaccid dick feels more “solid”. It could be from jelqing, but in my heart of hearts, I know it’s from doing Ulies. Anyone else get this? Feels kinda cool. It’s only the beginning though. More to come.

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Yeah! I know what you’re talking about. Next to my length gains, the more “solid” flaccid feeling has been the highlight of PE for me so far.

Hey prickle, how do you do your Ulis? For me it’s hardly different from dry jelqing, except that Uli stroke goes from midshaft to head while jelq stroke goes from base till head (while using the other hand to clamp at base for both exercises).

I do Ulies throughout a jelq session. An example would be: Every 100 (or 200, even) jelqs, I’ll do a full 30 sec. Uli, followed by a full 30 sec. Horse Squeeze, then another Uli.

How I Uli: I get my dick about 90% hard, sometimes a tad more, but I try not to work with less than a 90% erection. With my right hand, using a palm-down grip, I’ll grab my shaft at the base and clamp down and hold for 30 seconds with my thumb and forefinger. Sometimes I include my middle finger for grip support.

I real useful tool has been a watch. I can make sure I’m getting a full 30 thirty seconds in. And usually as the time runs out, I’ll slowly slide my grip-hand up the shaft towards the head, stopping maybe mid-shaft. Anything beyond that would probably burst something! :)

I’m starting to tire of doing this manually so I’m going to look into different ways to achieve this effect or better using an external device I can clamp down with and just chill out. That way I could leave it on for a longer time and save my hand-strength for jelqing and stretching (until I build a hanger).

Yeah, I’m going for the can of Red Bull girth.

Becoming.... Godsize

Prickle, can I ask wether you have felt any erection problems from working with a 90% hard-on, i’ve heard of a few people how have had trouble from this.

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