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Define "rest".....

Define "rest".....

We all talk about “rest” days, but what is adequate rest? 2 days PE, 1 day off? Also, on a rest day, do you still “give it a tug” or lightly jelq during a trip to the bathroom, or is it “strictly hands off?”

I use my ‘rest days’ for masturbation. usually get through it 2-3 times or so because I’ve had to stop for my PE workout days :)

As for the ‘to touch or not to touch’ - whenever I’m at home by myself etc (happens alot) I tug and stretch it constantly. Just because I believe that keeping it constantly extended/stretched/engorged will help with gains (heal in an extended state)

So theres my 2 cents worth. A rest day by my definition, is simply one where you don’t bash the shit out of your little friend.

It’s like weight training, you go to the gym one day and kick your arse, the next day you shouldn’t do more weight training, but it doesn’t stop you from going for a long walk or having a swim or whatever… in fact doing that will probably even help. Point is, so long as you get enough good food and sleep on days where you dont bash the little fella, you will get the gains.

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