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Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage?

This is aimed at Darklin Sithas and anyone else experienced with massage:

Perhaps some deep tissue massage techniques can be used to help stretch the tunica. Any idea how one could practically apply them to the penis?

Hello Hobby,
This is something I’ve given a bit of thought to and my short answer at present is it won’t hurt but it most likely won’t help a whole lot.

There are many techniques for stretching fascia in massage therapy. Adapting those techniques for PE is a tad difficult due to the structure and composition of the penis.

You see the goal in PE is to stretch the tunica both foreward (anterior stretching) and outwards from the center (centrifugal stretching). Applying pressure externally to achieve those ends is difficult at best. This is why jelquing/milking/uli’s work. They use the blood to cause increased intra-penis pressure, thus pushing/stretching from the inside outwards and forewards.

Add to that the fact that it’s almost impossible to get ahold of the tunica with the fingers and you have a recipe for difficulty.

Also, too much external pressure can also damage the penis. (This is why it’s important to be careful of the dorsal nerve when jelquing.)

So sadly, the answer is it most likely won’t do a whole lot. However, I continue to experiment with trying various techniques. If I come up with anything I’ll definately post it here.

Darklin Sithas

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