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"Deep heating" theory


"Deep heating" theory

Just a word on the importance of the hotwrap. I’ve been told that I’ve had some remarkable gains (2inches length in 9 months, and 1 inch in girth).

So I randomly checked some other people’s routines, and I think I’m onto something… :-)

I would like to call this the “deep heating” theory. Most big gainers apply hotwraps very frequently. Just like me, they consider hotwrapping to be an essential part of the routine, and they use it before and after every new action.

I tend to think hotwrapping is essential because it stretches the cells of the penile tissue, simply because of the heat energy you put into them.

I’m not an MD, but it’s not difficult to imagine that applying heat to tissue, increases the bloodflow tremendously. And a good circulation of blood in the penis, is essential to enlarge the capacity of bloodvessels and veins.

Maybe it would be an interesting experiment, to have all those who gained over 1 inch in 4 months, tell us about their use of the hotwrap, and compare it to those who we consider to be slow-gainers. We would then have a better understanding of it and see if there’s a corellation.

Just a final word on “deep heating”: I think it’s important to both use a very very hot hotwrap (your penis will get used to this) and to apply it for as long as it takes to reach the deep tissue of the penis. Also, I not only apply the hotwrap to my dick, but all around it (my upper tighs, my scrotum and my lower belly). This greatly increases the bloodflow. Don’t just focus on the penis, but all around it too.

Anyway, I’d like to hear what you think.

Girth makes them scream, like giving birth.

I think its a good idea, ive been doing Pe for a bit now and i think im gaining but not mega fast i dont hot wrap cus i do most of my routine in the shower and after but i think that maybe i should.
How do you do the wrap, do you use a flannel or something to wrap around you dick, i would love to know the routine.


Hi Bigmanolo,

Definitely te hot wrap is very important to archiving good gains. You can search the forum and you can find out that this hot wrap has been discuss about quite a lot. For example the Bib’s ” father” who as gain a lot even suggest to use hot wrap during hanging session even.

Anyway congratulation for you gains.


I don’t think it can be overstated that heat helps if only to minimize risk of injury. The tunica is made of connective tissue and smooth muscle, and would imagine that they would both be more pliable after sufficient heat. After seeing your results, I will definitely be using more heat. Also, will be spending more time on PE instead of making excuses ;) BTW, your pics and posts in Members Section are impressive and inspiring. I’m glad you joined Thunders.

All of my good gains happened while i was heating every time. When i started getting lazy and not heating, the plateau came. Maybe more than a coincidence!

I Just put a sock full a rice strait out from the micro oven.
Man that’s hot, I think I burn my “little friend”.



Yes, I agree the hot wrap is essential for maximum gains. I use an electric heat pad for my wrap. Please let us know what you use for your deep heating sessions.

Very impressive cock by the way, saw it in the pics—-WOW! My efforts are going to be re-energized!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

P. S.

No pain no gain.


Thx DMC, and thx to the others. As I said, so far I only did a random search for posts on the hotwrap. And indeed, its importance shows. I thought it wasn’t bad to tell you about my experiences and thoughts about it too :-) .

Quick reply to your question on how I use the hotwrap: I just use a small towel under the shower. I use really *hot* water to soak it completely, then I apply it to my entire lower body (wrapped around the penis, the ends spread over the tighs, scrotum and lower belly). In the beginning it hurts and your skin will glow and look red, but that’s ok. You get used to it. My total daily routine, includes about 45 mins of hotwrapping (out of a total of 2hrs of workout).

Girth makes them scream, like giving birth.

do you do like a 5 - 10 min warm up then after a 5 - 10 warm down

i think im going to add one to my routine its sounds maybe like it could be the answer for me


Very interesting.

My question is:

you think it’s the same using hot water or not?

And: It’s safe to apply all this heat on scrotum, too?


xaoixoit, and the others:
I think there’s nothing unsafe about applying it all around the penis, including the scrotum (if you can stand the heat there). I’ve read that heat isn’t good for your fertility, but this is only a few minutes, and sperm quality restores itself quickly.

In my routine I use approximately 10 minutes of hotwrap before and after each different action. and it’s a “incremental” process indeed: build up the heat, till you say “ouch” (then persist for 5 mins here), and then slow down.

Girth makes them scream, like giving birth.

If you’re intersted in “Deep Heating” check this one out:

Disgusting GAINS!!!

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

The IR light discussion in that thread is interesting and I’ll certainly keep it in mind. I’m seeing results with wet heat so I’ll probably stay with that for now. I’m killing two birds with one stone because I like to soak in slightly hot water or take slightly hot showers just for the relaxation of the body also. I now stretch when in the bath or shower and then wet jelq with vaseline when I get out. I’ve just started doing fowfers also when sitting in the tub. The bath is better than the shower for wet heat absorbtion I think.

thx uncut4big, great reference. I think the original poster is right.

Girth makes them scream, like giving birth.


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