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Deconditioning thoughts and questions


I wonder If thats what Im looking at? Symptoms sound close to the same except mine started with a sharp pain. Now Im wondering if a three week layoff is needed. Despite the fact I firmly believe in breaks three weeks is turning into an eternity.


Interesting discussion. The idea of taking 1 week breaks to stimulate growth thru fast rest is particulary interesting to me. I know I always thought of deconditioning as only something to do when you’ve hit a plateau.

Consider if you will, the similar effect of this to an ADS routine. For most part of the day, you have the ADS on or are PEing, but assuming you don’t PE overnight when you sleep, you give it some time off. Constant short breaks in say once every month might be the macro model of this. Not enough time spent PEing to develop resistance, but enough time to heal/breakdown whatever, to push to the next level.

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I got this “One month on/One week off” idea by reading some 1 or 2 year old articles. I think the author was MagnumXL. I definently like the idea. Those of us who even DO rest days only do 1 day and then however many days of PE’ing. So your body really doesn’t get that opportuninty to grow being in a constant state of deformation. But I believe that 1 week off at the end of the week gives your body the time necessary to display any gains if it has any and to heal up in time for the next session.

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Thanks Alreadybig. Just read magnuxl’s punctuated pe thread. Very similar idea to what I had come up with except he seems to understand the the science much better than I. Just look at his results-outstanding!

Im still breaking from my injury, ligs still a little sore but the urge to start jelqing is strong, or at least it was until I reads magnumxls post.

So Im still breaking……


This is great !

Has anyone here done there measurments at the beginning of their break, and then just before starting there routine again? If so what were the results?

I believe Wadzilla has done this and has it posted somewhere. Others have as well, someimes there is a small decrease in size at the end of the break sometimes not, the bottom line is after the break is over the gains start coming rapidly again. I am keeping close track of all of this in the name of science.



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