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Deconditioning question

Deconditioning question

Can you just do a stretch routine during a decon. Break?

Or how about a mild pump session periodically.

I think I am going to take a couple weeks off, and wondered if I should stop totally or do a little here and there.

Hey pocopeepee,I asked this same question here.What to do while deconditioning

The general consensus seems to be do NO PE whatsoever while on de-con.

Sounds self explanatory.

I don’t plan on a couple months.

Maybe 1 month at the most.

I was thinking only 2 weeks, because thats what I do in the gym during a deconditioning break from working out.

I know the dick is different, but I havent injured anything,and I have only been going straight through for 7 months.

I’m hoping that taking a few weeks off will help me break this plateau.

When I start up again, I will continue my routine, but at a much lighter level.

I may of started up this last time to strong and built a resistance. (Thus the reason for my plateau)

Something has got to work, I’ve been plateaued 6 of the 7 months.

I’ve been off and on for a couple years and got some gains out of it.

But since I became hard core and fully dedicated, I havent gained shit.

Oops, I forgot to add, what about just the Montey’s pe weights.

Just to keep it from turtling while I decondition.

I don’t think the weights would be a problem.Just don’t do a bunch of stretching.I am amazed at how much stronger my erections are since I’ve been on my break.My poor dick was beat up pretty bad.Too bad the discoloration isn’t fading.

Yeah I hear discoloration can take a year or more to dissipate.

I am not worried about that right now personally.

I just think a break might let it relax enough to start again in a few weeks at a different intensity level, and kick in another growth spurt.

I plan to start very light and increase gradually this time.

I have always been one of those kind that needs max anything to work.

But I may have underestimated what works for my growth.

We shall see.

Thanks for the info.

Yes, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t supposed to keep up a maintenance routine.

Like maybe once a week lightly.

Sort of like you would do when you reach your desired size.

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