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Decon now or later

Decon now or later

I’d been PEing for about 6months up until 2 weeks ago, at which point I had to stop entirely. I’m not going to be able to start again for another week, so I’m looking at an unintended 3 week break from PE.

I’m wondering if I should just extend it by another month or so to turn it into a proper decon break as long as I’m at it just to get one in as long as I’ve lost the 3 weeks. My notion is that breaks less than about 2 months are not nearly as good/effective as 2 month breaks. So 3 weeks off is sorta in no-man’s-land — no decon benefits and no PE gains either.

However, I’ve only been PEing for 6 months, so my guess is that conventionally one would wait a bit longer, for example, until gains slowed down very considerably.

I’d like some opinions here. Should I turn this unintended 3 week break into a proper, sortof preemptive decon break, or should I just get right back to it and keep at it for a good while longer before getting into decon?

By the way, my gains thus far have been .55 length and .15 or so of girth. Girth has been stagnant for a couple months though length continues to come steadily

What was your routine ?


Unless you injured yourself and that is what is making you have to stop for while, I would not go for more than a week w/o PE. Because your in a growing period. I think if ones penis shrunk a little or has temporarily stop growing, Then a maintenance program should be implemented. Just piss stretches and a short jelqing session once or twice a week.

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If I were in your position I’d continue hanging, basically because it seems to take me time to reach a state in which I make gains. It seems I have to hang for at least a month and a half before I start to see new gains (check out the link in my sig if you want more details of my routine).

If it’s the same for everybody (not just me), then you should try and stay ‘in the zone’ with regards your gains. If what I’ve discovered about myself applies across the board (and therefor to you to), if you take a two-month decon break and then have to exercise for another month and a half to see new gains, that’s another two and a half (almost three months) before you’ll see any further gains. If you consider that you could resume gaining in as little as a week (rather than the two and a half to three months that it might take if you take an early decon break), then I’d say it makes sense to continue.

But that’s only if assuming you’re like me, and assuming you exercise like me, and get gains like me etc.

If you can go through a two to three month decon break, pick up your exercises and start gaining from day one, then by all means take your decon break now, because all you’ll really be doing is deferring the point at which your gains start slowing.

My advice would be to make a note of your gain-rate, so that you can measure how whatever you decide affects it, so that you can basically learn from it and maybe even report back to the forum.

Most people say you have to change your routine if you see no gains over three months— I imagine that’s because there’s a certain amount of PE you have to do before you get ‘in to the zone’ where you begin to make gains (you can’t tell if it’s going to work or if it’s working for the first month, and maybe even the second month, since there seems to be no change). Or at least that seems to be what I'm experiencing (one and a half months of consistent hanging every day following a decon break before I start making meaningful gains again). My intention is to stay on this growth curve as long as possible, meaning incrementally increasing weight when the gains slow and only taking a decon break when no amount of weight will stop them from beginning to dry up completely.

I hope that helps.

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I feel that I’ve got to qualify my above post with a kind of caution:

I’ve just returned to hanging after a short decon break of about two months. I was expecting to be able to either hang the same weight I was hanging at the end of my last hanging cycle, or actually drop the weight, but as it turned out I’ve actually increased the weight (towards the end of my last hanging cycle, my gains had slowed but my penis was very heavily worked, and so sore that I was basically unable to increase the weight at that time to see how it might further affect my gains. I also got a thrombosis at around that time that finally forced me to take the decon break).

What this might mean is, if you continually increase the weight to maintain a steady gain-rate, you may end up having to hang heavier and heavier and heavier in order to maintain that rate, and to be honest with you, I’m not sure that’s such a great idea, basically not only because it carries more risk, but also because you may get to a point where your penis is unable to support the kinds of weight you may need in order to continue gaining. Also— it’s feasible that the tissues (namely the collagen’s) may react to very heavy weights in ways that prevent you from gaining (See the link in my thread for a link to one of xeno’s threads for more info on that). It’s possible to hang at angles as a kind of ‘divide & conquer’ approach, but it might be better just to try and avoid that necessity altogether.

…so, basically, it may make more sense to take regular decon breaks, even if it turns out that there is a delay of a month or so before gains recommence.

I say decon for the two months.

Then, try out xenolith’s IPR routine.

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