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Dealing with blood spots

Dealing with blood spots

Do you think it is possible that when getting the large purple blood spots on your glands it is good to give maybe a days rest and then continue jelqing even if the purple spot is faded a little but still there.

It’s just because I find if you wait for them to completely disapear of their own accord you can be waiting for four or more days sometimes.

They seem to go if you wait maybe a day and then start jelqing again. Could this be because fresh blood forces the blood in the bruise out, or am I talking ‘bad science’.

If you have any thoughts on this, I would appreciate them as it is something that occurs quite often, and I get annoyed having to interrupt my routine.


First off, what is it that you are doing to make this happen often?

Now quit it!

I think you can return to your program as long as you exercise moderation.

And seriously, back off a little.

Thanks for the concern gprent.

Up until recently I have found that (after a 10 day break three months into my PE career) I started to make good gains doing some simple manual stretches and only 200 jelqs. Combined of course with my kegels giving me rock hard erections.

After reading the testimonials of some of the big gainers I decided could afford to step up my routine with another 100 jelqs and some good hard uli no. 3’s.

I do tend to utilise a lot of pressure during my jelq as I think my tissues are quite tough although of course I don’t have anything to compare to.

Compared to what I read a lot of other guys doing, I don’t think I’m doing anything particularly extreme, but my most recent blood is about 1/8 of an inch in diameter.

Could be the manual stretches. I find it very difficult not to put pressure on the glands. I find this does make my glands a little sore aswell.

Let me know what you think gprent

Did this happen right after your 10 day break? And this was when you stepped up your routine? If so, that could explain the blood spots, because right after taking an intermediate break like that you have to start off nice and easy. So, if instead, you not only resumed at your pre-break pressures, you also added more time and the uli’s, it was a perfect set-up for an injury.

It would have been better to start off nice and easy and after several days, work your way up to your normal routine. Then begin adding more jelqs and the uli’s. And add things slowly, not in one big step.

Actually I only stepped up the pressure recently. But your right about doing all in one big leap.

Damn!! I just had a really good jelqing session.

The old blood from the last spot went, but but must of re-burst some tissue there because there is a new smaller one in its place. And also a really dark 1/16 one right near it (just next to the urethra).

I really didn’t think I was over doing it, but I must have been I suppose.

Are you taking any anticoagulants?

I think your penis is telling you to back off a little.


What is an anticoagulant?

I guess I will have to back off a little. But my cock doesn’t seem to get a really good pump until about 250 jelqs and because my tissues seem to be quite tough I have to squeeze really hard to make it swell.

Does anybody no what I can take or rub to make the purple blood spots disapear or heal quicker?

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