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Day off or not?

Day off or not?

I have been going good and strong, and am seeing results.

But I started with a couple days off per week,and felt like I have to start over everytime.

So I went to 1 day off, and on that day it is usually sore and it decreases to beginning size again. Then I go another week (with it looking/feeling impressive) until the day off again.

Now I am torn here.

Do I let it rest a day and recover and heal.

Or do I go say maybe a month straight before I rest a day to see if it has more staying power.

It doesnt hurt, it is just sore from a week worth of exercises.

I have no problem with erections, no injuries, girlfriend is having a ball with it when it is swollen after pumping.

But like Big Girtha said “never let it turtle”

Is it wise to keep going without a break, or should I just accept that I have to start over every week.

Trust your intuition and make a decision accordingly.

Actually, I would advise that you go 2-3 days off for once.

doing a really intense 2+ hours workout for 2 days and then rest for 2-3 days.
I bet on the first or second day back you will notice something.

I have some really intense days or weeks depending on my motivation and then have some moderate to very minor to rest days in between. To tell you the truth I hardly ever go a day without at least 15 minutes of some stretching while in the tub - but a minor version of this is just to keep it stimulated and it’s basically a rest day.
I’ve gained about an inch in 4 months…

Start 12/1/06 _ _ _ _ 3 month 3/2/06 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 month 4/2/06 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5 month 5/2/06

6.6 X 4.75 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7.25 x 4.90 _ _ _ _ _ _ _7.5 x 4.90 BaseGirth: 5.25 _ _ _ _ 7.75 x 4.90 10 month 9/24/06: Still 7.75 X 4.90 ---- I have focused primarily on girth and have not gained a CM in months.

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