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Dating a 20 year old woman...


Dating a 20 year old woman...

I’m 35, and I’m dating a 20 year old girl. What can I say…it’s absolutely great. She’s at least 5 years ahead of herself, she doesn’t come across as a 20 year old.

Am I crossing the line or is it ok? We are getting along great!

Input is requested…

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Hey if she don’t care if your an old coot why should you. :D

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You old bastard, leave the young ones for the young guys!!!

Don’t ruin the for me with your huge cock!!!

J/K, I don’t care man. Wouldn’t mind doing the same when I get older :)


I always appreciate youy input :)

Insane….what can I say? She thinks that guys her age are a little “off” ;)

But 20 year old girls are still girls…

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Uncut4Big / Mike

You’re happy, she’s happy… why care about age?


Hey guys, don’t worry! I am balancing things out here for all of us young. I am 21 and my girlfriend is 34! LOL!

It’s great, I mean, what can I say. She definitely knows what she wants and I love that. Plus, many young girls are a little bit too afraid to be completely open as far as sexuality is concerned. With a older woman, you do not have this problem at all, and I am loving it!!!! LOL!


ps: but there’s something that sucks a little bit: older women have a bigger luggage. In other words, more past experiences, more dicks, therefore, if you are a little bit insecure like me, sometimes is intimidating. Especially if you think that for sure she has seen larger penises than mine. But you know what? It only gives me more motivation to go on with PE. Plus, I do not want to be like my sissie friends who only want to bang virgins ‘cause they are insecure of any possible comparison between them and their past boyfriends. I wanted to be a man and I took the challange! I want that even after all of her experiences she can consider me as one of the best lovers she ever had. And guys, who wants a shy virgin that does not know how to do things and is afraid to be willd? Not me, I like them with experience….like wine, older=better! :)

I’m 48 and my ladyfriend is 33. Not only is it no problem, it’s a real ego boost—have fun!

Im in the same boat Uncut4Big. Im 36 and the oldest girl I’ve ever dated is 21. This isn’t by choice though. I would love to date woman my age but im pretty shy and woman my age just don’t ask me out. Younger woman on the other hand have no problem asking. I think its something to do with the generation. Younger woman are more spirit free then those I grew up with.

The Woodpile

Thanks for all the input…

WoodPile & Dino ( ;) ),

good post. I agree.

My GF is just incredible, she’s nothing like you’d expect from a 20 year old. Personality, Character, Intelligence, Beauty and Sex Appeal… all in once…how much more can you ask for? And the age difference is a number on some paper….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Originally posted by Uncut4Big

Insane….what can I say? She thinks that guys her age are a little “off” ;)

I agree, most guys my age are dips, but most chicks I meet are pretty dumb too. I do much better with slighly older women because everyone I meet thinks I’m like 28 ;)

Life is too short to worry about what others think. Go for it, and if it works, great, if not, at least you gave it a shot unreservedly, right?

Uncut, this is a great thread. The novelty of your age difference will be an exciting element in your sex life. I’m in a situation just the opposite, and I agree with mrfurto: They’re like wine. I’ve always been attracted to older women, I like them experienced and this is probably the way your 20 year-old feels about men. I just turned fifty, and my current squeeze just turned the big 60, but she looks 40 and has a terrific sexual appetite for younger guys. Nothing more exciting than an older woman who has taken care of herself and is young at heart, or a younger girl who is mature for her age and likes older guys.

However, I suppose Futro is also right about baggage and past lovers. I could see where this might be a problem for a lot of men evolved in PE. My woman has been through a couple of long marriages and lots of lovers, easily over a hundred men and I relish in that, because let me tell you, the woman really knows what to do with a dick. A lot of the men before me were bigger; she can be honest with me about that because she knows I get off on hearing about it. I know this is strange, I’ll admit it is a fetish I don’t completely understand, but that is a topic of another color. Uncut, good luck with your new girl, age doesn’t matter, only size, right?


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Be careful at 30 they go crazy. My clock is ticking, I want to get married, I need a kid, blah, balh, blah.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Uncut, great thread you have going here.

The ONLY downside is if you get too serious and things develope into something more permanent, then the age factor kicks in. I am in my 40’s, been married since we were both in our teens and we know a couple of couples that the husband is near 60 and the wife is early 40’s. It was no big deal when they were both younger but now it has become an issue.

But shit, if I were you, I would be enjoying the hell out of the ride.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

uncut4big lets say you had a daughter, how would you like it if a 35yr old man was f$%king your 20yr old daughter?


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