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Data, statistics and evidence

Data, statistics and evidence

Hey, seems I can’t start a thread in the main member forum.

I’ve been looking around on this site and I have been reading various theories like LOT, TGC etc. I think there’s a lack of data to back up these theories, and that the pioneers of these theories haven’t been in a position where they could experiment successfully with a group of people.

I know that there is an experiments forum here but it seems to be dead and besides, the forum software is inadequate for this type of work. Given the amount of members on TP, it’s about time we started testing theories.

I’m a web developer and I’m looking for a few people interested in starting up a site devoted to experimenting with various theories and their effectiveness with PE, by taking groups of users doing a certain kind of routine and analysing the results. The site would be organised so that any member who wanted to test an idea could use the site to do it.

So this is a call for interest, I’m looking for:
1. Members knowledgeable about statistics or data analysis.
2. Members who think they would get good use out of a site like this.
3. Members who think they would be interested in participating in surveys/experiments.
4. Some help with the programming aspect as I can’t devote myself full-time to it.

Oh, I’ve understood: you are looking for…wait I can’t remember the name…oh, now I recall: Thundersplace.

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