- How many days do you PE each week? (Details, ie. 5 days on 2 off)

Zero off.

- How long does each workout last?

40 min for length and the same for girth (approx).

- What does each workout consist of? (Important one - do you warm up etc.)

Warm up 5min (hot water in a mug), length - stretches mostly DLD’s bundled, girth - wet jelquing and some occasional squeezes.

- How long have you PE’d for?

13 months.

- How much have you gained in total (length and girth)?

3/4” EL, 1/2” EG

- Starting stats and current stats?

6 1/4” x 4 1/2” —-> 7” x 5”

- How much have you gained since doing your current workout and how long have you been doing this workout?

Only done for a few days. No gains yet.

- Do you exercise outside of PE?

Yes. Cardio stuff.

- What is your diet like? (Ie. high fat? High protein and low carbs? etc.)

I eat almost everything. :)

- Do you do your routine in the morning, afternoon or the evening?

Varies. But mostly in the morning and afternoon (twice a day).

- Roughly how many hours sleep do you get each night?

6-7 hours. Having back aches, and have to wake a couple of times a night. Would love to sleep 8-9 hrs though.

- Do you use visualization in your routine?

Not really.

- Do you take any supplements?


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