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darkening penis

darkening penis

My penis has gotten considerbly darker in color since pe. My wife even said something about it and she doesn’t know I pe. Is there anything I can do about it?

Originally posted by DarkTrick
Laying off from PE will reportedly result in minimizing the discoloration, but, hell, who wants to do that?

Not me…:)

Jennifer also loves the darkening…so do I

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

before I told the wife about pe she noticed a little color change, I simply remarked that I noticed it also since the last few years as I got older. That answer made sense and satisfied her.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Jelqing is new to me, but I’ve noticed for years that greater blood flow and more sexual activity made mine darker. I think it’s neat that in the primal world of cocks and pussies that we’re all pretty similar, whether we’re black or white or anywhere in between.


I’m new to PE, and I just joined the forums. As of now with no prior usage of PE, I’m not conscious of my size, but I do have a problem that has plagued me since childhood… and as i read this thread, I was reminded of it. You see, my penis appears darker about 4-5 inches from the base and the last 2-3 inches is a lighter shade. It’s not a gradual thing, my dick is just 2 different colors… they don’t contrast that much, but it’s noticeable, and at times I’ve been self-conscious about ‘whipping it out’ b/c of this. Honestly, I’m not sure of the cause, but I suspect it was b/c these several instances in grade school that I got a few boots to my tool. I was the guy who would run around pulling girls pigtails, and that landed me a few good kicks to the forbidden area. I clearly remember it bruising and I believe it has not healed to this day… is there anything at all I can do to get rid of the discoloration or is… *gasp*… too late for me!?

Two colors

longdingdong said: “You see, my penis appears darker about 4-5 inches from the base and the last 2-3 inches is a lighter shade. It’s not a gradual thing, my dick is just 2 different colors.”

Are you circumcised? A lot of men who are circumcised have two color dicks. The lighter color near the glans being the remnant of the “inner foreskin.”

yea I am circumsized… although are you sure this is common? Oh, and I forgot to mention, the bruises I sustained are separate from the darker lower half, although they appear at about where the dark region ends. There, I can spot 2 distinct purple-ish discolorations, each about 1-1.5 centimeters in circumferance… I suppose if I could at least get rid of those, I would feel a lot more relieved. Any ideas, or do you think it’s too late?

Two colors and bruise repair

Since I am in the “anti circumcision” group I hate to post a link to a pro circumcision web site, but this page at shows several photos of two color dicks on circumcised guys. If you snoop around the site you’ll find many others (for example, here and here). It’s not unusual.

As far as your spots go - one with a circumference of 1.5 cm is less than 5 mm in diameter which wouldn’t show that much on an adult penis. I guess your ability to get rid of them would depend on several factors such as how long they’ve been there, are they bruises or a network of small blood vessels (capillaries), which layer of skin they’re in, etc. They might have been there so long that they’ve become like a tattoo, permanently marking the skin. I’m not a great believer in homeopathic remedies, but Ledum palustre is said to be good for long lasting bruises. If you’re really concerned, you should probably see a dermatologist.

You might also follow the links in the post (above) by DarkTrick which explain some techniques for getting rid of penile discoloration.

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