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Danson seeking help here.

Danson seeking help here.


The following is a PM exchange between me and a new member. I post it here (with his permission) so that we may be able find a possible solution for him and also get him to participate. Does anybody have a similar nerve pain like him or any ideas as to what this may be? Im sure he would appreciate it. :)

Dear Supersizeit,
Thank you for your pumping article.
I have started pumping since one week now. Pumping pressure 2-4 and two x 10min.
Before I have tried Jelking.

Maybe you can help me.

My problem is even with jeling or milking I have some pain on my back (scrum level) some time is very unconfortable. I have no erection problem, but it is one year now I can not perform PE freely because of that.
I don’t know if there is some nerves entwined, may be I comresse a vein, sometime I feel my sciatica. I try to stretch, it goes better but I have always this disconfort in my mind.

If you can advice me it would be nice.



Originally Posted by supersizeit

Welcome to the forum Dansan,

Your welcome. (Pumping Article) Your question does not seem like a pumping question. I do not wish to mislead you in any way but I will take an educated guess here. It seems your PE jelqing techniques are stimulating some possible possible pinched nerves and/or nerve connections to other parts of your body. I know that the nervous system is a very complex system and it is really the realm of chiropractors and such. Maybe you should consider consulting a chiropractor. I know that in the fields of Reflexology and Acupuncture, one can address various parts of the body through stimulation and massage of the foot and the use of needles on the skin. I would imagine that in some similar or related manner you are stimulating some nerves through your PE technique. If you could be more specific as to how you are performing your jelqs, it may be helpful.

Did you watch the Thunders jelqing videos to learn the proper jelqing form?

Thunder’s Place Video Series

I strongly suggest that you present your question to the forum in a separate thread. There are members here that could be of considerable help and may have more knowledge than me such as Westla and we also have a resident doctor- Luvdadus. With your permission, I will make the thread for you and post your question or you can make it yourself and see if the forum members jump in to help you. I also suggest you use the spell checker when you are addressing the forum. Participation in the forum is fun. You can make new friends and maybe we can all learn something new because all we have different areas of knowledge and expertise.



Thank you very much for your prompt answer,
In fact, I have been around different PE forum, but I have never or rarely seen some thread concerning the pain I have. Yes, I will appreciate if you post a thread for me. (In which forum ?)
I have done some Acupucture the pain released, and when I spot jelking (as shown in the video) the pain also released. Maybe, I have done some too strong strech..???.But it seems as you mentioned that some nerves are trapped or some veins. If I will solve this problem I will be very happy to continue my PE. You my actual relation is not at the top, my girl friend didn’t feel me (it is not the first) she is pregnant, her libido is falling down, and I am frustrated because we make love rarely and behind all this there is the fear of a better lover than me.


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I used to get sciatica pain with any kind of tension in my abdominals. Later, I couldn’t even pee without some discomfort. I never experienced any back pain, but it was due to a ruptured disk bulging up against my sciatic nerve and I had surgery to correct it. I don’t know if this has any bearing on what you are feeling, but I would have an MD check it out. If you’re curious the surgery was day surgery and I was on my feet less than 24hrs later with no pain! Just my two cents.

I’m going to guess that it has more to do with your posture while PE’ing then the PE itself. How do you sit or stand while you PE? Is your body in an unusual position while you PE such that it aggravates your back?

There are lots of things that could cause that, Daniel; a small hernia in your groin, an infected epidymous (the chord that runs down your testicles and holds mature and immature sperm; a varicocele.

See a doctor about this (not a chiropractor or an acupuncturist). Most of the causes are pretty easy to treat but you need to know specifically what the cause is to get the right treatment.



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