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Dandasana stretch

Dandasana stretch

I thought of this the other day and couldn’t remember anyone posting a similar technique, though I don’t read many threads these days. This stretch might be considered a cousin of the under the leg stretch and that might be a good stretch to try if you can get this one, another good stretch is the BTC which can be done sitting, using the same bending at the hips technique as this stretch. The main reason for posting it is because some people seem to have problems with long hold stretches and this is a potential solution. It seem quite an easy stretch to do and can be modified by placing some kind of object under the penis, like a pot, to produce an inverted v-stretch.

Here’s the technique:

1. Sit on the floor legs together and stretched out, back upright.
2. Move your bottom so that you are sitting forward on your buttock bones, to prevent bending of the lower back
3. Push your penis through your legs
4. Bend forward from your hips as much as possible keeping your back in a natural position (do not bend the bottom of the back forwards).
5. Bend the legs a little to allow your hand underneath
6. Pass your strongest hand underneath your leg and make a good overhand OK grip behind the glans.
7. Pass your second hand under the other leg and create a loose overhand full fist grip behind your first hand, this is like a locking grip. If you can’t fit the second hand on the shaft or you want to use a pot on the shaft clasp over your first grip.
8. Still bent forward at the hips pull the penis toward your feet as much as possible.
9. Straighten the legs as much as possible
10. Lean back to (as much of) an upward position (as possible), this creates the tension.
11. Hold for 3 minutes and repeat.
During the whole of this the back should remain in a natural shape. Bending the back rather than at the hips will reduce the efficacy to the point that it may not be worthwhile. Separating the legs slightly so that the grips (and maybe pot) are between the legs (with the arms still passing underneath the legs) may help.

The idea is to create a good tension when bent forward and then use the legs to maintain the tension by pushing down on the arms. The tension is then increase as the trunk becomes vertical.

I haven’t played with this extensively, jsut enough to know that once you get how to do it, it works. I’m suer there are modifications that could make it better.

Anyway I don’t know if this will be useful to anyone but if it is or you have good mods, please post them.

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I think this must be a yoga maneuver. :)

Yep - also called the staff pose, or sometimes stick pose.

Can anyone post a picture explaining how it should be done? Drawing is always better to explain than words :)

I don’t understand any thing. Can you supply pics or video

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