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Just for my Info, could you please list your NBPEL,EG, FL G/L before PE and now……..

Also, I want your opinion on my squeezes…..wheter or not you think I’m doing them correctly. I get a 90%, kegel, then grab the base with a regular OK grip(fingers to the ceiling). Then, I push towards the head, causing INTENSE pressure in the shaft and the head. When I’m done my schlong is purple from I guess internal bruising. And it’s really sore. Whadda ya think?

Let me say I hate to give the measurements. So many people are mistaken about the effectiveness of a routine and base there whole PE around someone’s opinion based on their results. I have no results, but I still know about PE.

NBPEL before was 6 and the most I can get now on my best day is 6.25 normally it is about 6.125

I did grow in bone pressed from 6.5 to 7

EG before was 4.75 and now since I have laid off PE for so long now I lost the gains I made. I was up to basically just a hair under 5. It seems to vary but I was only 4.75 the other day, but now that I am back with the trying things it is 4.875 or maybe
4 and 9/16. Just does not want to go to 5 :( I am talking about mid shaft. The base has grown and is 5.25

Flaccid before PE I did not measure. I am currently about 3.75-4 if you are talking about raising the penis to perpendicular and using a ruler. If you mean use a tape and measure the hang it is 4.5 The flaccid girth is about 4.25 give or take 1/8 “

As for your uli. Well I don’t mean to sound ambiguous but only you can decide if it is done correctly. It sounds like it is expanding and doing what it is designed to do. I can tell you my opinion, but it is up to you to decide “correct.” I just hate to disagree with so many big gainers on this, but I will say it for the seemingly hundreth time FORGET MOVING IT FORWARD. If it works for you then keep doing it. It works for lots of guys. I just don’t get it. I have said this over and over and over (at least like 20 times) but the same question keeps coming over and over. Sorry for venting and I am glad to help you, but I just keep answering the same question. If you are only 90% then yeah you need to move it forward (if that works for you). I say forget the 90%. Why do so many people do this? Get 110% hard. Get as fricken hard as you can get OK and then flex and push under the testicles etc until the damn thing is going to explode ok and then you CAN’T move it forward. Then do your uli. If you can’t get totally hard etc then fine move it forward if you like. Sounds like it is doing what it is designed to do so like I said, only you can decide what is “correct.”



You should try this instead, Dance...

…just kidding:) On the serious side of the uli/max engorgement issue, it’s almost like this technique evolves for every individual. You, Size (I think) and a few others have put in in words quite often with respect to that technique of non-movement. Basically, it seems sooner or later almost every PEer realizes that max erection, P.C. flex, and grip without movement can get better engorgement effects than 1/2 hour of jelqing or even a typical Uli. Hence, the rave about wraps which are really similar depending on how done. I’ll venture a guess that the reason you see so much question on the movement of hand is related somewhat to penis anatomy and jelq/uli grip technique. Folks notice the head expand from movement of the hand largely due to (intentionally or inadvertantly) pressure concentrated on the CS which immediatly fills the head. Same thing happens for me and I assume it would for everyone if they just wait a bit to observe without moving hand. Let pressure in CS do the work for ya, I say, with the blood pressure doing the work the hand would. Just hoping for permanent results myself. groa

lol Groa, obviously you remember all those days of the advice :)

I am confused though about why you have to wait. When I get 100% erect, and then flex the pc and use the additional pressure from applying my fingers to the area between the testicles and the anus, it instantly fills up the shaft and head above and beyond a normal erection before I even use the pressure of my fingers. In other words I don’t have to wait.

Relating to the wrap or uli thing. When moving forward with those it does work great. For me it is not the same as using my fingers. However, my problem is the damn injury. It gets aggrevated when I do it. I can however, get the wrap so tight it does expand a great deal. When I really go for it however, it is more for girth than removing discoloration, and I certainly can’t leave it on for long periods of time. The more pressure the less time.

Vegetagd, I realized you might have also been asking about the color and bruising. Yes it does happen and seems somewhat normal to me within reason. Guess you have to decide how much is too much, you know? When you start getting really bad discoloration you can try working with the wrap to remove it, and that might also help cement some gains.




Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

c.s. : corpus spongiosum ( i’m pretty sure about the spelling, but not positive) - the spungy bottom chamber of the peins that culminates in the head.

as opposed to

c.c. : corpus cavernosum - either of the two cylindrical chambers lying side by side that get significantly harder (more rigid) than the third chamber (c.s.) which runs underneath them when viewed from overhead.

in other news,
i agree wholeheartedly with you, Dance, as far as getting as hard as possible and gripping the base(underhand or reverse ok or whatever it’s called these days) and then applying pressure by successively tightening the grip towards the head. i do not move my hand forward, and i get as absolutely far down the base side as possible in order to engage as much of my cock (hey, can we still say that on this board?! COCK COCK COCK PUSSY CUNT FUCKING MONKEY HAH!!) as possible. i actually try to countersink my o.k. grip as much as possible. i also at times pull out on the head of my COCK and regrip in an attempt to engage even more. at this point i focus the pressure almost exclusively on the c.s., because i’ve head such little success for over a year and maybe damn near two in the girth department. i figure, if anythings gonna give down there in terms of girth, it’s gonna be the part that is soft to begin with. at the very least, my rod has been changed somewhat in shape and it no longer tapers to the head (in terms of depth if not width) and looks a lot more menacing in a not unattractive way IMO. the head seems to be expanding more these days, too.

the only thing i’m wondering in terms of level of erection pertains to working the cavernosa. is it possible that if one doesn’t begin the uli with a totally pipe hard level of rigidity in the c.c., that somehow they are more receptive to an internal stretch from a uli? i mean, that may not make much intuitive sense, but at times it seems that the only factor in erection is not engorgment alone. what i’m saying is, i can manually get my dick as full or fuller of blood than when i get a natural erection but have it be nowhere near as hard. does that make sense? in any case, if i am completely erect, i can’t see that it is possible to grip the base for a uli in such a way that closes off the cavernosa and allows me to over expand them. comparatively, it’s quite simple to hyperengorge the c.s..

all thoughts welcome always,

Dance, I don’t know why I get better effects/more engorgement after about 30s to 1 min. of gripping. Apparently more blood moves into the head after gripping. Might be relative to my large hand size and difficulty in getting a good grip intially, which probably allows some blood to move in before staving off. That’s actually why I like the wrap a bit more…even distribtion of pressure. Never tried the finger technique, I believe I will. In the past I’ve noticed that I can do “half-flexs” with the PC, followed by a full flex and get in even more blood. I assume that has to do with the artery feeding the CS, that simply allows by means of muscle contraction the artery move blood past the grip. Finger technique prior to grip does seem a wiser, more efficient way without loss capacity/pressure. I too can move forward with the wrap on, but feel nothing in the CC. I don’t know why. Seems once the CC capacity is hit, it gets pretty stubborn. BeBop, I know what you are saying about levels of erection in terms of uli’s and it does make sense. However, I’ve actually tried that and it doesn’t do much for me in the CC. Others apparently have different experiences with it. If it works, go for it. groa

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