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I broke a vain!

How bad is it?

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I’ve seen it worse. I saw it when it happend, so I stopped my session right away. Hope I can start agin tomorrow!

I’d wait longer than that. Give it three days Langemann.


Yeah….I know I should… It’s just not fear!

Originally Posted by Langemann



What are you trying to tell us with the above post - is this how you injured your penis?

:rolling: Yeah - how did you guess that, captnhook!?? :D

I hate this broken vein! :(

Its annoying isnt it.

Another scenario: You start back on PE again, the vein hadnt healed and you fuck it up again. Three days (at least) is the way forward! I learnt the hard way.

This is the third time it breaks at the same point!! >:-)

how do you break a vein? Does it hurt?

I do horses440 to hard I guess. I wrote a few days ago about it was hurting. A bloke told me my cock might not be ready for this exercise….. Well… It does not hurt very much now. Only if I squeeze it!

Good luck healing! I worry about breaking veins too. Sorry.

BTW, I might start a new thread on this but… a woman i know told me today she cheated on her boyfriend of about 6 years… She doesn’t know how to feel, but anyway, we began discussing past lovers… she’s had 8 to my 7 (damn) and I innocently asked her to rate their prowess…. well, she did and guess what? The best lovers had ‘much’ bigger cocks!

She thinks she had a 7 and 8 incher (but rated the 7 incher as a better lover overall)… she said they were huge! Middle ground lovers were between 5 and 6.5 inches… and the worst were smaller guys with, according to her, 3 to 4.5 inch ones. She said one guy felt like a finger inside her.

The guy she cheated with was about 5” she said… enough to satisfy her, but her current b/f is bigger (her estimate 6 - 6.5”).

Old news I know… Sorry Langemann about your vein.

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

His mooning-smiley reminded me of that guy that was trying to convince us to stick our tool in our own ass to get a good stretch. I guess it was his version of a fowfer. Do any of you remember him? It was during my quiet moment, because I had to sign on at the library—so it must’ve been in the fall semester of 2003.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

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