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are the veins the same type as the viens that stick out on your forearm after a workout?

Peing since--November 2003

Thanks, Godzilla. It’s my own fault - I should’nt done it so hard… But - thought I had to to get the results quick!

It’s me!!!!!! LANGEMANN! Do a search om my threads! LOTFLOL!!!

I have stopped Horse 440’s and now don’t get any burst veins (Which should really be known as a Horse 404 Error). I am trying a cross between Horses and ULIs where I just clamp the base with an ok and tighten with index finger for 30 seconds. I know there is a name for this, but I cant remember it.

and Langeman: If you put your dick up your arse to get a good stretch don’t get excited or you may penetrate yourself. :jumpers:

Hey Langemann,
I had a scary dream last night where I broke a vein in my unit. It was one of those realistic dreams that find you waking within the dream, and leave you believing it is really happening. It was horrifying - I watched as blood spread under the shaft skin of my morning wood and well up into a nasty sack of bright scarlet red. Really awful.
I have no doubt that I dreamt this because of your story and I’m wondering now - and hoping - that you are okay.

Are you there Langemann, it’s me Cappy?

CAPPY!!!!!! Here I am!!! Just looking at my cock’s red spot. Now I’ve got a bruise - and a very red spot just where the vain burst. I’d take PE’ing Friday - I think! I’m sorry about your dream, mate! Didn’t mean to!

I’ll start PE’ing tomorrow! Yeah! :D :)

I got my first red spot the other day. I wear it with pride and have been showing it to everyone I meet :D

Insane_man!!!!!! The way to go!! Cheers!

Hey cap, try having a dream where you sever your penis cleanly off at about the 1” mark, so there is just a stump…. And then drive around in your car with the severed appendage attached to the car’s fan grille inside, and flapping while you drive along with no dick…. Yes that is a real dream I had once and it was scary.


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