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Damn 80 erection jelqs

Damn 80 erection jelqs


Well, I have conditioned my dick pretty good doing mostly jelqing at 60%. Well the last time, I did a 80% jelq, some dry, some wet, and noticed that some red dots we’re forming on the shaft, obviously from jelqing at a higher erection level.

Well, this is the 2nd time I have done it, but I think I busted a capillary. It forms a purplish spot, about the size of pea or smaller.

I obviously stop after this, but I am starting to think that jelqing at 80% is not a good idea.

The last time the spot formed (different spot), I think it was from this method where you get pretty hard, clamp at the base, and then push the head of the penis toward you so that you expand the shaft.

I formed a spot after doing that.

Maybe I will back off doing harder erection jelqs.

Really hate that curve don’t you? Haha, You’ll get rid of it, just back off for a while, and go for a mild approach. My downard curve is also getting really annoying.

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It looks like you’ve answered your own question, you know what to do!

When you jelq at higher erection levels, you really have to become more aware of the internal pressures you are developing and moderate your intensity level. You should get the feeling of being really pumped up, but it should also feel more good then bad. It is a fantastic way to generate girth, but it must be done with care. Always start out at low intensity levels and build up to moderate to let the tissues slowly fill and expand and become accustomed to the higher internal pressures.

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