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Cut v.s Uncut, Which one looks bigger?


Originally Posted by DingleDangle
It’s simple.. when you cut something off from an object (e.g. your penis) the result is indeed smaller. ;)

Good answer, I like it and hard to argue against. :)

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Uncut reigns...

An uncut cock always looks larger because the wonderful imagination takes over and assumes the rest….

Originally Posted by DingleDangle
It’s simple.. When you cut something off from an object (e.g. Your penis) the result is indeed smaller. ;)

Yeah, but it only adds a little to girth. It’s not like it makes a huge difference. When erect it will be the same thing, only when soft will you see a small girth difference.

Originally Posted by navarro
For all of you, penis size gurus. Considering that you have two penises, with exactly the same dimensions, but one of them is cut and the other uncut, which one seems bigger?

Who the h*ll on this site has two penises? Most of the poor buggers here are frantically stretching and pulling at the only one they have, trying desperately to make it bigger…


Well, since you mentioned it, guess what?. Have I got news for you!. :mwink:

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You know of someone on the forum with two penises (penii?)? This is news to me! How the heck could I have been lurking around here for 18 months and missed that? I have so many questions! I mean even if this guy is, say 4x3, volumetrically speaking, 4x3x2 is a lot of dick! What kind of a routine does he follow? Hanging? Is it awkward? Does he have a special tag under his username when he posts: ‘dual member’? Does he jelq both at the same time? Boxers, or briefs? If he’s gained, is he counting the gains twice, or as one big gain?

Roussie, I beg you, who is this fine specimen, this doubly blessed freak of nature?


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ATM I’m working on the skin to a) remove the turtleneck ;) and b) get the foreskin to fully engorge most of the glans even when being fully erect.
I really like the view of it :)

edit: Besides having foreskin above the well known triggerareas could help me in my quest vs. premature ejaculation :)

I think that cut look wider, uncut looks longer. Though it depends on the length of the foreskin. A short foreskin makes the dick seem wider, and loooong foreskin makes it seem longer. (Obviously).prefer cut myself.

The one in the mirror definately looks bigger.

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