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Cut, uncut.

Cut, uncut.

I have been searching for a thread on whether women prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises.
Has there ever been a poll on this site or any other?

I searched under “poll circumcised”, “poll uncircumcised”, “poll cut”, “poll uncut” but did not find anything.

Although I apparently have not been circumcised my foreskin has always been short, all my previous partners have asked if I had been circumcised.

Since starting pumping my foreskin has grown in length so that in the normal flaccid state it covers the corona on my Glans. I am surprised this happens because when I go into the cylinder erect my foreskin is pulled right back and I only expand about 1/8” more than my BPEL.

I can’t speak for euro girls but I am uncut and american girls prefer cut

Not really a prob for me as they never see it hooded so to speak..

Since I have been pe ing mine has grown too, to the point where there is excess flesh of the end of the unit

I don’t like it and was wondering if I could get it just shortened a little, is that possible ?

You have to find an Italian barber who also works as a rabbi. :) Tell him to take a little off the top.

This horse has been beaten to death in other threads. The uncut guys all say uncut is best, while the cut guys just say WTF, it doesn’t make much difference. One thing I have noticed is that none of the cut guys whine about their foreskin or lack of it. Can’t say that’s true for the uncut guys.

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I don’t really think a lot of girls really think about preference because it’s all about what you are accustomed to. In America a majority of the males are cut so that’s what most girls see most often so they would say they prefer cut, because they are accustomed to that, but if you are in a country where the majority of males are uncut then that would be what most women would say they prefer. That’s my opinion anyway.

pabs, are you speaking from experience when you say “american girls prefer cut”?

OHL, I was not beating that horse.
I have been searching for a thread on whether women prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises.

brisk_99, I am not sure what % of guys are circumcised here in the UK.

My ex was Kenyan and had been with guys cut and uncut and she preferred cut.

One hung lo

I’m not saying that, I am uncut and I am saying that girls (usa) prefer cut

Blue nun

Yes ! An awful lot of experience, I would say over a hundred.. No b.s ing or showing off
In my experience you ask any usa girl and she will say uncut

Now having said that, girls love my dick !! One girl recently said to me that she hated uncut dicks, she volunteered this presuming I was cut, I laughed and told her she might be in for a surprise..
Afterward I asked her if it was prob and she enthusiastically said ‘not at all !’ but she did say that she wasn’t sure what to so she held the skin back (a little too enthusiastically)

The fact is, for me anyway, as long as it’s had there isn’t much of a difference

Since I have been pe ing ther forsking has grown a little which I don’t like, but I wouldn’t want to be completer cut, I like not having to use lube at all to jeq as the skin moves with my hand

Bleu nun

I am a brit also :)
By the way you have super powers if you are a brit in the usa, be as rude as you like, they laugh and think your funny hehe

Pabs you have been busy :) I am still in the mid teens for penetrative sex.

For me to see skin starting to cover my Glans is exciting, I prefer the way it looks so I will not be disappointed if I grow/stretch some more whilst PE’ing.
Another 3/4” to 1” should be about right.

I have had a few women tell me that they are pleased that I am circumcised (even though I am not). I think it was because they consider it more hygienic.

Do you mind if i ask you if your Glans appear shiny and moist?

I see no reason why you could not get a bit of foreskin trimmed off. I would guess it is a fairly simple procedure compared to some of the cosmetic procedures.

I am in living the Uk.
I bet you get some interest from women asking about your accent?
On holiday in California last year I was told I sounded posh which made me laugh as I don’t have a posh accent, I have a southern accent.

Southern scum, nah just kidding I am from london myself

Not sure about the trimming I may check, not it don’t think the glans look any different just a little softer / sensetive maybe

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