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Curved penis will limit gains?


Curved penis will limit gains?

Hello all,
I am worried that my severely curved penis will limit my possible gains. Does anyone know if a curve is a factor in potential gains?

My curve is to the left, and is so bent, I have to use a lot of force to make it straight for measuring. Sometimes this can hurt.

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I hope it’s not. I’m in serious trouble if it is a problem for gains. lol

I don’t see why it would have any effect at all. I think that you proved that already gaining 5/8” in your first month.

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Hi Pez209,

May be limiting not, but the gains development are different.

Let me explain it better. I have a curve to the right, after some pe I noticed that the left side (normal one) develops better as the right (curved one), speaking of girht only.

It is in anyway not a limiting factor, but i think that it could light increase your curve. Because the “normal” side (without any perynes injurie) react in a better way to the pe techniques. This can led to a faster grow of only this side…

Cya, Matti

Anyone here managed to fix a severe curve?

How long did it take?

My life will be complete with an 8X6.

I gained a little over 2” with a left curve. Just end up with a longer I am presently excercising against the curve to straighten it out. Erect bends against the curve. I do this along with my girth squeezes.

I really don’t want to extend my curve! The curve makes my dick look even smaller than it is, so my gains will not be of much use, unless I can fix it!

My life will be complete with an 8X6.

I have a slight curve and it doesnt bother me at all. I prefer a big cuved dick than a small curved dick. At least half of the problem is solved, now I am working on the lesser problem. Infact, during my gains, my curve straighten out some. It doesnt swing as far left as it use to when it was smaller. Jelking against the curve helps.

Dont let trying to straighten out your dick stop you from enlargening it cause it could take you up to 1 year or more to straighten it up and you could have gained an inch or so.


Thanks for that, Kabar!
I will continue to try and make gains, and I am lucky to have made great progress so far, but this curve is not just annoying, it hurts! When I straighten it out, it hurts too, and I’m worried that, with further gains, making it straight will become even more difficult.

I like getting deep throated by my girlfriend, but my curve some times makes it difficult to do that.

Also, when I first started getting blow jobs, the left side (shorter side) of my penis used to hurt a lot. This was not due to the technique of the girls. After lots of blow jobs, the pain did not occur during blow jobs again.

My life will be complete with an 8X6.

Curve or no, you will be longer (and thicker) with your gains. Some curves are actually advantageous in sex. You guys with curves can sometimes hit spots that we with staight dicks cannot.

If you have no pain when having sex, go with it. If you do experience pain often, there are therapies, including surgery but not limited to that.



Thanks for the response avocet8,
As I have posted before, I have realized the advantages of a curved penis: Even though my penis is relatively small, I have managed to give girls orgasms due to “hitting the right spots” thanks to my curve. Now that I am growing, I hope to replace this advantage with length, and hopefully will be able to give orgasms through different types of stimulation e.g. “bottoming out”.

I just hate the sight of it too! If you do know of any other therapies, that do not involve surgery, please let me know!

I’m using the penimaster to try and sort things out at the moment.

My life will be complete with an 8X6.

Here’s a previous thread you might want to take a look at.

Bent Dick?

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pez209 I really believe that if you jelk against the curve and do erect bends against the curve that the left side of your penis will strengthen and straighten out.

I have done that but not consistently and I have straighten up some, and I feel like had I been more dedicated to straightening up my penis, it probably would have been straight by now.

When I do those erect bends against the curve, it sort of hurt a bit due to the stretches and I am sure that over a period of months with consistent stretching, my left side would have been straight by now.

I opted to spend my time on gaining length but I am now conentrating on these bends.


I´m trying to correct a slight curve too. Going for erect bends against it till I feel a slight stretch. Got a question though, how exactly do you jelq against a bend? I think the right side has just grown more than the left for some reason, so hopefully isn´t scarring (hopes!!!).

Jelking against the curve is simply when you do a regular jelk, and your curve is to the left, then during your jelk, you twist your penis to the right side while you are pushing the blood towards the head. This in return stretches the left side of your penis more than the right side and eventually will strengthen it and straighten it..

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