Curvature: Not While Erect, but while "deflating"

Hi. I have recently noticed that when my erection is going down very slowly, that it “deflates”, and makes a curve to the left. I have a large vein on top that runs the length on the right(forgot the name), which could tell something perhaps. This got me a bit worried. It also has a slight curve while it is flaccid to the left, but nothing I’ve been worrying about.

Is this a normal condition? MY only thinking is that maybe the “veins” that go out are on a certain side, and this happens to everybody. If I knew the “blood routing” system better it could relieve my worries.

I have been stretching with the left hand mostly just due to grip, but maybe I should switch to the right hand, and put a little curve in the pull to the right to even things out..