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Curvature getting worse?

Curvature getting worse?

Hopefully it’s just my imagination, but it seems that my curvature, which I absolutely despise, is getting worse, the longer I’m getting. Has anyone had any luck with exercises that deal with penile curvature?

Try this

If you want to curve a piece of sheet metal, you run it through two offset rollers - in other words, instead of exactly opposite, one’s slightly ahead of the other.

My original PE gains with the loop left me with an upward turn at the head, which when I’m really hanging can make it look like I’m starting to get a hardon. I’ve been using the drumsticks to grab the end and turn it downward while pulling.

Can’t state definite results, but it seems to be ‘correcting’ the curve. Worth a try?


That is precisely the reason your idea (stix) interests me. Despite my lack of success with jelqing, I still think something along those lines is probably the best answer to curvature, which I possess slightly. Once tried jelqing with a “halfpipe” to try and isolate one side of dick, but it was futile. The stix do look as if they can effectively stress only the sides (CC)…something I’ve never been able to do with the large hands I have. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on any progress or ideas. groa

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