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Current size thread. Click it.

BPEL: 8”
EG: 5.5”

GOAL- 10x7”

Current size: Super-erection state: 8.5 BPEL by 5.5 ; 8.25 BPEL x 5.33 usually.

Goal: At LEAST 9x6. =)

I am new to this. I am just starting out. My current size is 5.75 X 5

Slightly over 8 BPEL and 5.25 EG. Going for 9x6.


See below

7.5 x 5.25

7.125 x 6.25

Smaller than the first post :(

That’s really strange. I’d be willing to bet that your testosterone levels are low right now, or that there is something else biochemical going on.

At any rate, the fluctuations are fractional, and as I’m sure you know, you still have an exceptionally large dick.

Nah he probably didn’t cement his gains, thats what happened to me.

Current size thread…

7.125 x 6.25

Everyone is that much bigger then me its not funny.

5.5 Bpel

5 eg


01/OCT/2007: BPEPL: 7.00, Base Girth 5, Mid G: 4.5, Under glans G: 4.25.

01/NOV/2007: BPEPL: 7.25, Base Girth: 5.25, Mid G: 4.75, Under glans G: 4.50.

Ultimate goal: 8" x 6"

8.4” BP

6.1” Mid


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