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6.5 X 5.1, I feel small after reading this thread :( :) .

6x5.5 but sometimes I reach 6.25x5.5 and I am looking for 7.25 BPEL no more than 8”

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

bpel 6.6
eg 5.2

The average does seem high around here….???

Makes me wonder what the average penis size of the combined members of thunders place is. May be a surprising size!

Pre-PE: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG-------> Current Stats: 8" BPEL x 5.25" EG-------> Goal: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG - 7" BG

Doki-Doki LOLI POP CHAN! Sugoi Desu~~~


8 12 by 5 12 inches BP


Start: length= 6.25 girth= 4.25

Now: length= 6.875 girth= 4.75

I think everybody should post a measured picture to back up what they say. I bet most of you won’t back your shit up! There are many who say they have 8” but where’s the proof? If you say you don’t have a camera, I call bullshit too. Just about every cell phone has one these days. Come on, dudes, show your proof.

My stats are in my sig… don’t think you need to see a pic of it do you ? It’s not that impressive.

Was - 5.1x4.1

Now - 6.2x4.4

Goal - 7.0x5.0


Started at 5x4 , 20 months ago.

7.2 - 7.3 NBP (7.8 - 8’ BP, I have a massive fat pad, doesn’t help that I would say I’m around 28pounds overweight, that would take me to 13%BF)
5.10’ - 5.11’ Girth

I started on March 24th with an extender, I stopped a couple of months ago due to cuts and took up jelqing with a Jelq Device, the only gains I have made are from the extender, since jelqing my size has just stayed the same :( .

Nothing special but I have attached a picture anyway.

You can only post pictures of your dick in the “Member Pics” forum. If you need any help with that let me know.

Oh sorry Cock Kent, I’ll make a thread once I have enough posts.

6.9 x 5.2

Start: BPEL= 6.5 girth= 4.75

Now: BPEL= 7.1 girth= 5


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