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Has anyone here noticed what looks like 4-5 cords (I’ll assume they are ligs) coming from the base up the shaft when you jelq. I have noticed them for a while, and not given them much thought . But mine have become more pronounced lately, and I could see them (first time this has happened) for about 5-10mins after my workout this morning. It was a great workout, with no discomfort - I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this or what would cause it.

There are some major blood vessels running the length of, and around the penis - mine were barely noticeable until I started PE - now they are quite evident, and DO contribute to penis appearance in my estimation - and if large and solid enough at full erection, SHOULD create some additional physical stimulation during sex…


Hi when does your veins really start to bulge ,i mean how far into pe?i have noticed that when a uli or squeeze my veins feels like steel and they disappear after a couple of mins. does pe cause your veins to stay like this when at erection ? thanks i think my dick looks far better when the veins are bulging,more masculine looking what do the ladys think about bulging veins turn on or turn off ? thanks. oh btw. welcome to the ladys great to have the other sides opinion


yeah I have them to, they look pretty cool right


I don’t mind having a vascular look, in fact that’s cool, and I’m already experience that to some degree. But I’m not sure I think these look cool, maybe they’ll grow on me (pun intended).

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