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Curious with the level of experimentation...

Curious with the level of experimentation...

I’m wondering about the number of posts on using penis enlarging pills! Why are there none? Everyone around here just seems to think that since they don’t do anything on their own they don’t do anything at all, even when hanging or doing excercises.

I did for 1 1/2 years and had a 2 year break I’ve just started PE again. I’m convinced they do aid in helping along while doing manual excercises. i used 2 bottles while doing my PE last time and have some ready to go when I hang now. I’ll let you know about my progress, and i’ll let you guys decide. It really does bother me though how I hear guys talking about having no gains for months and they’re not even trying anything different like trying pills to see if they notice a difference. Especially when the pills are so cheap!

The generic brand(with all the same ingredients as the real ones and maybe more) can go for under $10 a bottle on ebay. Best generic/cheap one I’ve found is Maxaman and I’ve done a lot of research. I haven’t seen or heard anything about pills or experimentation and there doesn’t seem to be anything anywhere on this forum even if you search, which seems weird to me since on any other PE forum they all say that they do aid in PE. Let me know.

Re: Curious with the level of experimentation...

Originally posted by luckywood976
I haven't seen or heard anything about pills or experimentation and there doesn't seem to be anything anywhere on this forum even if you search, which seems weird to me since on any other PE forum they all say that they do aid in PE. Let me know.

Hopefully someone will post some links to threads on this stuff, we have discussed it. Were any of these other forums perhaps affiliated with pay sites or selling ad space? Some of the stuff in the pills is just filler and some is in such small amounts that it won’t do anything. Ever noticed how when you buy mixed nuts that 75% of the damn thing is peanuts? Buy straight gormay nuts and add a can of peanuts and save $. Consider doing the same kind of thing with the ingredients for the pills. F*ck their “secret formulation”

Plenty of guys here use different herbal supliments and feel they make a big difference in things like recovery and tissue growth. Try doing a search for the actual active ingredients from these pills and you WILL get hits from your search, and lots of info as to which of the ingredients are gold and which are crap.

Ah, try expanding the supps forum out to 100 days and you will find a lot of threads, they just haven’t been active lately. Plenty of posts from guys that find various herbs bennificial, as well as warnings and potential problems for each one as well.

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My man, I think this is gonna become my new catchphrase: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t be afraid to poke around either.

We have two great forums available on thunder’s where there are loads and loads of reviews and opinions on pills. You’re definitely coming at it from the right angle (using pills to assist manual PE) but I think a lot of guys have found the pills just increase overall bloodflow. This comes from doing jumping jacks or pushups and these are FREE.

Anyways, here are the two forums I was talking about:

"Reviews" and "Supplements"

Keep us posted on your progress, bro!

I found that the main ingredient in a lot of those pills was L-arginine and reading about L-arginine benefits just on it’s own, I do take 1000 mg daily. I take it about 45 minutes before PE, and I think it makes a difference for me blood flow wise and it has improved my cum load.

But as for the combo pills, as mentioned by iamaru, the amount of each ingredient, even if effective, is so small as to render it ineffective.

In any event, I would not rely on any pill for any gains whatsoever. What it takes is a lot of hard work!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

It’s just that I dislike the thought to take pills in general - especially if it affects my best friend!
Beside that, I often get emails about enlargement pills and so the whole pill thing lost seriosity in my eyes.
There are also so many progress reports without any supplements which motivate me.

Maybe others think similar?

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I tried the pills, and I had an adverse reaction to them. Nothing concerning my dick, but my skin was very irritable. I would itch all over my face and arms, just from the air conditioner in my car. Many guys in here do take supplements, and part of every PE regimen should be to drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet.


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luckywood976, read up on:


These suppliments increase blood flow and cum shots.

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I’ve been taking pills as long as I’ve done PE (it even says to do exercises with the pills on the bottle). I wouldn’t say they have too small of a dose of anything to help. Mine have 1500mg of L-Argenine and 15mg of Zinc as some of the ingredients (serving size is 3 capsules as well as recommended dosage per day).

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I’ve just taken the pills for a couple months in a row during PE and you can definetely tell a difference in circulation, erections, and cum. So I figured it might be beneficial… I’m going to use them, they’ll probably even work through placebo if nothing else and they’re less than $10 a bottle.

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