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Cure for Discoloration


Originally Posted by smk5366
I have been using Lasonil, it is a bruise treatment cream and it gets rid of discoloration good as.

I have the impression that in Italy Bayer Lasonil has changed composition.

Can you tell me the correct chemical composition?

Originally Posted by The Beasty One
May I also point out you are not in any way certain that your gains were due to the combined clamping and Newbie Routine program. You claim gains came again when you started the Newbie Routine for a second time and that you had no gains when clamping alone. Perhaps you would continue to gain without clamping? You cannot be certain unless you stopped clamping for a considerable time and continued with the Newbie Routine.

Athletes have a different sort of ‘conditioned’ to PEers.

No, I was clamping with both routines. if you go back and read I started clamping using the newbie as a warm up after three months. The other routine after the newbie just took to long and I still clamped after the routine and nothing happened. Could it be that my dick got tired after the routine and then came clamping? I don’t know. As far as using the newbie and not clamping you may have a point, But I did see better gains when I first started clamping ans still using the newbie routine. As far as gaining without the clamp, is not a true statement. My girth gains are better than just jelqing, and that is why I like clamping. I just want to tak it easy and slow. I have not measured in awhile but I am almost sure I am close to 7.5 BPEL and I did measure girth a couple weeks ago and I was 5.375 (5 3/8). when I started, my girth was just under 5 inches.

Originally Posted by The Beasty One
If we take your recorded history into account you claim you were on a more hardcore routine, with more intense exercises that also lasted longer (you mentioned it took up a lot of your time), you then dropped this routine and began to the Newbie Routine, which subsequently gave you gains. How is it possible that you gained from the Newbie Program if your penis was already conditioned to the more intense exercises? This goes against the popular opinion on these boards tnt, that the more conditioned the more intense and longer lasting your routine has to be to continue to grow.

Everybody is different. It really does sound rediculous doesn’t it. If we were lifting wieghts, it would only make sense that I would go on to the more intense routines, right, but then again, the dick is not a muscle. It just works for me and I believe clamping is pretty dam intense. By the way, I double clamp. Drilla9 has already pm’d me about this and mentioned double is not necessary. By the way, my dick is getting dark. Thanks for posting back, I have read a lot of your posts and I agree with almost all of what you have to write, you are a sharpe dude and a straight shooter, I like that.

Great progress man.

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Any chance we could get back to the topic of this thread,which was discoloration I believe.


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