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Critique my routine please

Critique my routine please

Hi folks,

I’m a pretty decent gainer, have been steadily gaining since I started PE and now have gained 1.5” length. I’m after a lot more length (another inch at least, 2 inches would be amazing) and some girth (another inch at least) since I haven’t gained any noticeable girth at all since starting…

For the record I started at 4.8”NBPEL x 4.5” or so. I am now 6.3”NBPEL x 4.8”.

My routine is as follows:

20 minutes dry jelq
10 minutes manual stretch (only pulling downwards these days)

10 minutes manual stretch
20 minutes wet jelq

Anything anybody would change about this in order to maximize gains? A warmup/down?


PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Hello awwwshucks,

I can’t critique your routine but I actually have a question for you. Your measurements are about what I’m starting at. I was wondering, about how long was it when you started seeing legnth gains. I’ve only been jelqing for about 3 months and before that pumped. I was really only interested in girth but now want some length. I have had sporatic girth gains only @ the base but hardly any length gains.



Hey whome,

I regret to say I didn’t keep records of my gains in the beginning, and my routine was also different. I started off just dry jelqing for 30 minutes a day. When I finally took another measurement, maybe 2 or 3 months later I had gained about 0.3”. Then I upped the routine to 30 mins manual stretch, 20 mins jelqing and gained about 0.5+ inches in about 4 months. Since Christmas I have gained another 0.5” or so doing similar routines to my current one.

In my case, gains came quickly, but keep in mind I was always consistent. During my biggest gains (July-November 2002) I was PE-ing 5 days on, 2 days off per week with no slip ups.

Good luck! Let us all know how it goes


PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

Hey awwwshucks,

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the info. I have been overdoing it and trying different routines. I think I had my first injury. I didn’t have any bruising or anything like that but my balls hurt and my erections were weak so I took some time off. I posted recently about overdoing it so I’m going to cut back on the duration of my exercizes. I have a d d and it’s hard for me to stick to things because of getting bored quicky. I think from your information I’m going to try a month of just jelqing and some light stretching.

Thanks again


Good gains

What stretches do you do? Might be worth considering v-stretches or some kind of mod to produce more force if you find your growth rate slowing.

Consider adding some squeezes for girth maybe horse440’s and/or ULI’s and/or Sadsaks slinky or head excercises.

>A warmup/down?
Don’t you warm up? hmm I couldn’t survive without a hot wrap before and after - I certainly feel a stretch more when warmed.

Seems like your length gains are pretty decent (but you didn’t say how long that took). So while it continues keep using the routine that works.

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