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Criticism on my routine

Criticism on my routine

Lately I have gotten some questions on my routine of length one day, then girth the next. Pretty much here is what it is:

Length day; wrap(5 min) -> stretches/v-stretches(15-20 min) -> wrap(5 min)
Girth day; wrap(5 min) -> jelq(15-20 min) -> 30 ulis -> 30 dry jelq -> wrap(5 min)

I have gotten questions and negative things about the routine, and was just wondering if it was really that bad, that I would need to change it. So please, speak what you really think about this routine. I do 4 day on/1 day off, switching between length and girth every other day. Thanks alot.


I am beginning to think that there is a smart “zone” to be in, but it’s a little different for everyone and you just have to find a way to zero in on it. Suggestions from others can help, and it doesn’t seem to be about working harder. Change one little thing at a time, try it for a week and keep notes.

When I have made great gains, I…

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I am curious what the criticisms were. Hopefully it was just some subjective preference stuff because what your doing is very similar to what I am doing except I do it all at the same workout, minus ULIs and dry jelqs.
I warm up, usually by hot shower but sometimes with a wrap, then manual stretches, kegels, rotations, then do wet jelqs, sometimes a few power jelqs sometimes not.

I also am trying to be more consistent and follow that with ADS for a few hours daily, usually by using captns wench around the waist with elastic band or a DIY penimaster. I really like my captns wench, thanks Captn~

Anyway, good luck with the gains Seyz, remember:

“Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.” - Samuel Johnson


Well people have asked why I work them on separate days and people have said they think I’m giving it too much rest between days. You do it all the same day, I do it two different days and that is what I am asking if it is alright. If I can take that day off between the two and still see some gains.

I tried stretching then jelqing then clamping every day, but it got to be too much mentally and I started missing days and losing motivation. I think doing both every day, or alternating each one every other day can work. But what might work for one person may not work for another, So it is hard to tell you what is best for you.

To answer your question of your routines effectiveness, you will first need to determine if you are gaining on this routine or not. If not, change it, you have a better chance of moving forward with ANY another routine. If you are gaining, I would stick with it until either your gains or motivation stall. It seems from several posts I’ve read, many guys stick with a routine even though they have not made gains in months.

It is important to closely monitor your body to judge if it is “reacting” or “responding” to your routine. As in most things, doing too much is probably worse than doing too little. Loss of motivation for PE, loss of erection quality or frequency, constant soreness, growing discoloration or even shrinkage(!) are all signs of too intense or too frequent PE.

Consistently measuring and keeping good records are the most important things you can do second only to your exercises. How else will you know if you are moving forward, backward or just spinning your wheels?

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