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Creating the illusion.

Creating the illusion.

Hey fellow PEers. This is a topic I’m curious about, and would love anyone’s input.

In bodybuilding the idea of “creating an illusion” is prevelant. Example: Making the waist thin and upper chest and shoulder larger to create the illusion you are bigger than you appear.

Vince Gironda was famous for saying “throw out your scale and use the mirror!”

Sometimes I wonder If should “throw out the ruler, and use the mirror.”

I often wonder about this aspect to PE. Being that I’m somewhat on the short side height wise (i’m 5’8”) and the fact that I’m naturally averagely endowed, I believe is why I have never felt “small.” even though technically I began average to small.

We all PE for larger size, but I’m curious are there also techniques that we can do to “create the illusion” of being larger, both flaccid and erect than we really are. My girth looks great from the side view in the mirror, but to me looks skinny from the top view down (which is my most often viewing position to my own penis)

I already trim the pubic hair, and give it a pull before any public exposure, but would love to let some of my PE effort be toward creating the image that I’m larger than I actually am.

Any thoughts?


Do a search on PEforreal’s post on wearing the velcro strap, he said it increased flaccid length and girth a lot for him, and it has also worked as well for Avocet8.

Dont throw out your ruler cos when you gain you might not think you have. When I gained for the first time I thought it looked the same size but the ruler said different.

As for the illusion, shaving your pubic hair back so more shaft can be seen works really well. I did that this morning actually, the difference in appearance is unbelievable.


Originally posted by SS4Jelq
…shaving your pubic hair back so more shaft can be seen works really well…the difference in appearance is unbelievable.

You won’t believe the looks I’m getting in the locker room recently….. :chuckle:


Yeah that helps. I am not sure what else could give you illusion of being extremely large.

When erect, I personally feel that extremely large glans gives the illusion of great girth. In porns anytime a guy has a large mushroom-capped head his entire dick looks massive to me. What do you guys think?

I think that is more at what I am getting at. A large glan (head) does seem to make a larger looking penis. I haven’t had alot of success in glan specific excercises though.


I get ingrown hairs so I don’t shave down there.

<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

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