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Creams for dealing with irritation...

Creams for dealing with irritation...

Can anyone recommend any creams or lotions that will help heal dry/cracked skin from jelqing?


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Can you pick this up at any pharmacy OTC?

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

Moisturel can be gotten at any drugstore, Wal-Mart, etc. Another good moisturizer is also cocoa butter. It too can be bought OTC just about anywhere.


I’m confused, why are you getting dry/cracked skin from jelqing Leatherface? It would seem to indicate that you aren’t using enough lubricant when you are jeqling or that your skin isn’t well conditioned before you start dry jelqing.

It might be worth moisturising before dry jelqing (like flower says, cocoa butter is a good option) or using an oil based lubricant for jelqing. Maybe something fairly compatible with the skin that actually soaks in like olive oil rather than a petroleum based product like baby oil.


I don’t know. Trust me, I use plenty of lube when I jelq, but I think the constant stretching of skin causes irritation for me. Maybe my skin just has to get used to it?

It’s very frustrating because I want to keep doing PE, but sometimes I have to wait several days for everything to get a “little” better. It almost looks as though the constant jelqing has produced ecsema or psoriasis or something.

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There are a few recommendations in this thread: Jelq Rash and bump creams and lotions

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Check your lube that might be part of the problem, either because its not providing enough real lubrication or because its causing the irritation. Go for something different, maybe something labelled hypo-allergenic or something using a different base. If you’re using KY use something oil based, if you’re using something oil based try KY.

I like aloe. You can buy it at the drugstore. I also rub it on my face, shins and forearms after a good karate workout. I always buy the clear kind. I think the brand is Fruit of the Earth. Not embarrasing to buy at all… not like KY. Although KY is great too.

I brought some with me on my last business trip.

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Okay, thanks. :)

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